This Magic Bullet Blender Is Currently 40% off For Black Friday

This Magic Bullet blender is currently 40% off for Black Friday. This blender is one of if not the only reason I legit eat spinach. I always make use of this blender to make a daily dose of leafy greens easily and swiftly.

Magic Bullet Blender Black Friday

Magic Bullet Blender Black Friday

Not to brag about it or anything like that, but I do eat a whole lot of spinach. I usually throw it in a smoothie, which as you should know gives me a semblance of nutrition during busy work-from-home days and also sets me up for relatively guilt-free takeout dinners.

Personally, setting healthy eating habits is just about ease. If it is that complicated or it involves a whole lot of decisions, then I’m not going to do it. This is the reason why when I began making smoothies I kept things really simple with a small Magic Bullet blender, such as this one that is currently on sale for 40% off for Black Friday.

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What I Really Like About This Magic Bullet Blender

I really like this Magic Bullet simply because it is compact, and I don’t have a whole lot of counter space in my apartment. When I made use of a bigger blender, I at the time had to store the heavy base in a cabinet, and why add one more step to the whole process? I do tend to make my smoothies during those frantic breaks between meetings. It is also very easy to clean, which is very important for daily usage.

And the Black Friday price which is just under $30 takes some stress out of the blender purchasing decision. Just kick start here. And once you finally get into your smoothie groove, you can then explore more advanced options with the top-tested blenders of CNET of the year 2023. (David Watsky of CNET, who tested all those advanced blenders, reveals that the Magic Bullet provides “excellent value.”) A very similar model is currently on sale at Walmart this week for just $15.

Smoothie Recipes to Try With the Magic Bullet Blender

And as for the smoothie recipe, well, I’m no chef but these very five ingredients give me the right mix of taste as well as bragging rights and they are, frozen spinach and blueberries, a banana, some peanut butter, as well as a scoop of protein powder.



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