Former NIMC Boss Urges ABU Graduates to Focus on Making a Positive Impact In Tech and Engineering 

Aliyu Aziz, the former Director-General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), expresses concern about the shortage of engineers in Nigeria.

Former NIMC Boss Urges ABU Graduates to Focus on Making a Positive Impact In Tech and Engineering
Former NIMC Boss Urges ABU Graduates to Focus on Making a Positive Impact In Tech and Engineering

Aziz emphasized that in Nigeria, the engineering sector primarily centers around infrastructural development, specifically in energy, transport, and housing. He highlighted the necessity for diversification despite the nation’s abundant oil reserves, advocating for investments in renewable energy, transportation projects, and innovation startups. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that Nigeria encounters distinctive challenges.

Former NIMC Boss Urges ABU Graduates to Focus on Making a Positive Impact In Tech and Engineering 

Aliyu addressed the 2023 Engineering Graduates Induction Ceremony at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, highlighting that the sector’s growth is hindered by a shortage of skilled labor, inconsistent policy frameworks, and insufficient investment.

In his discussion on “The World Ahead: Roles of Science, Technology & Innovation,” the ex-NIMC DG highlighted that Nigeria faces substantial challenges in adapting to climate change, particularly due to its vulnerability to desertification and flooding. He emphasized the potential for computer simulations to address these issues, presenting opportunities in these specific areas.

Aziz stated that the engineering landscape in Nigeria, despite encountering challenges, holds abundant opportunities. He noted that as the world shifts towards sustainable, technology-driven solutions, Nigeria’s path aligns with the global trajectory but carries its distinctive nuances.

He emphasized that both Nigeria and the global community need to harness the potential of engineering to reshape the world for the better in order to embrace the future.

He stressed the importance of Nigeria and the global community actively utilizing engineering’s potential to positively reshape the world and embrace the future.

Engineering Excellence in the Modern Era

In today’s global scenario, the engineering industry is marked by innovation, sustainability considerations, and digital transformation. The landscape is dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, and renewable energy solutions.

The world is advancing rapidly in these areas, please stay informed about these trends and be prepared to adapt and contribute to the changing landscape,” he stated.

Saying there are rewards for engineers in Nigeria, Aziz said the application of creative thinking, problem-solving, and ingenuity to develop novel solutions to complex problems are by default engineers training.

Engineers should recognize the crucial role of science in shaping our understanding of the world. Science serves as the foundation on which all engineering knowledge is constructed. The relentless pursuit of knowledge and truth empowers us to develop technology and foster innovation. However, it’s not solely about theoretical knowledge; it involves questioning the world, experimenting, and exploring the unknown.

We will persist in adhering to the established scientific method of inquiry as the guiding compass for both our professional and personal lives. As engineers, you have embraced and incorporated these principles to design, create, and innovate, transforming theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.

Yet, science alone doesn’t suffice. Technology, the practical application of scientific principles, is what enables us to shape the world,” he emphasized.

Aziz, an ABU alumnus, urged the inductees to be proactive and outlined seven key focuses for them. These include being problem solvers, globally inclined, committed to continuous learning, ethically focused, entrepreneurial, mentors who share knowledge, and empathetic. He emphasized that engineering is not only about equations and calculations but also about people. “Build with empathy, understanding the needs and concerns of those you serve,” he stated.

The ex-NIMC boss reminded the inductees that the path ahead is lit by science, propelled by technology, and molded by innovation. He emphasized that as engineers, “you are the pioneers of this journey, and your contributions will be the guiding lights for future generations. I have no doubt that the Class of 2023 will lead with vision, integrity, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

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