Flavrs has Reportedly Introduced a New Takeout Feature and AI Powered Recommendations

Flavrs, a popular food video app, has reportedly introduced a new takeout feature and AI-powered recommendations. This video app is actually an iOS app that allows users to discover recipes and then shop for ingredients.

New Takeout

Flavrs has Reportedly Introduced a New Takeout Feature and AI-powered Recommendations

The app also showcases videos from well-known chefs and producers in an interface reminiscent of TikTok. Thanks to an integration with Instacart, you may purchase the ingredients to cook a recipe you want without ever leaving the app. But currently, the app has reportedly introduced a new take out feature and AI recommendations.

With these new updates, Flavrs is evolving from an app that only finds shoppable recipes to one that finds food and allows you to order it. When you see a video from a restaurant and decide to purchase takeout, Flavrs will direct you to Uber Eats and other delivery services so they can complete your order.

In addition to ordering food from Uber Eats and ingredients from Instacart, this implies that you can purchase your preferred cook approved cookware. Such as pans and knives, all in one spot.

This Amazing App is Set to Connect High Quality Food Content to Real Life Experiences

Regarding the new AI-powered recommendation systems, the startup has started working with OpenAI on a custom integration. This will enable users to receive personalized video content from creators on the app across more than 30 food categories, such as cuisine, technique, and allergens.

The lives of creators are also made easier by this function, as the AI can tag and filter content for creators in a matter of seconds rather than taking hours to do by hand. As a result, the number of customers at Flavrs has relatively increased 80 times since its covert launch last year and in the last three months. The community of creators on the app has expanded eight times.

With the help of OpenAI, Flavrs will be the first company to convert plain text recipes into “smart” videos that can be cooked, shoppable, and fully understood by our systems as food rather than just video, according to Oropeza, YouTube’s former global head of creator marketing.



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