You Can Now Easily Migrate Your Google Data and YouTube Videos

You can now easily migrate your Google data and YouTube videos after the reported GDPR challenge. The search engine company has now committed itself to making the Google Takeout tool very much easy to utilize. The company is also enabling data transfer directly between third-party providers in the coming year.

Migrate Google Data and YouTube Videos

Migrate Google Data and YouTube Videos

Google is now making it very easy to back up and even transfer your personal data between third-party tools and services, in response to a GDPR investigation carried out by Italy’s AGCM competition watchdog.

The AGCM in a press release announcing the reported changes stated that Google’s binding commitments will “ensure significant automation of the procedure available for data export,” and “improve the interoperability mechanism that makes the data available in the Google ecosystem accessible to third-party platforms.”

Google’s Efforts in Trying to Resolve the Investigation

Google already has made three commitments in trying to resolve the investigation. The first two in question involve enhancing Google Takeout, while the third on the other hand will introduce a new solution to “allow direct data portability from service to service” for authorized third-party operators, specifically in regard to data generated via user activity on the online search engine and YouTube platform of Google.

As noted by 9to5Google, the third commitment as you should know really seems to build on work that the tech company Google is already undertaking within the Data Transfer Initiative, which in case you don’t know is an open-source project that is backed by Meta, Apple, Google, as well as Microsoft that supports the direct transfer of user data between online platforms.

The initiative in question already spawned a service-to-service transfer tool back in 2020 that lets Facebook users to easily transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos without ever needing to manually download and then re-upload the files.

What You Need To Know About the Google Takeout Service

The Google Takeout service and tool as you should know already lets users to export their personal YouTube videos alongside their search history and even comments made on the platform, for backup as well as preparation for export to third-party services and tools. A “direct service-to-service portability solution” will really make things on the platform easier and faster (no local downloads) for users as well as third-party operators. Google however anticipates that this very capability will be launched during the first quarter of the year 2024 and that third-party service providers on the other hand will be able to test it “at least six months” prior to the official release date.

What Prompted the Said Investigation

The said investigation started after Hoda, an Italian data export startup, accused the tech company (Google) of impeding its US users from sharing their personal data with other digital tools, and service platforms. The AGCM simply by making Google’s proposed commitments binding, has now closed its own investigation.



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