Google Mail Is Set To Get an AI-Powered Writing Assistant on Android

Google mail is set to get an AI-powered writing assistant on Android and users are not really happy about this development. Many people now think it will be bots talking to bots on the platform and therefore are not too impressed.

Google Mail Is Set To Get an AI-Powered Writing Assistant on Android

Google Mail Is Set To Get an AI-Powered Writing Assistant on Android

Still hot on the heels of the sudden arrival of Google Bard, the tech firm’s answer to ChatGPT, Google is now bringing a new AI-powered tool and feature to Gmail across android devices. And this feature is the ability to ask an AI to construct an email for you.

The new feature will work pretty straightforward: a new icon will easily take you to a text box, where you can enter a short prompt that Gmail’s generative AI will utilize in producing an email. And if your prompt is too short, Gmail will suggest that you ‘Keep writing in a bid to create a preview.’ And immediately the bot is happy with your prompt, you can hit the ‘Create’ button, and boom, your email is crafted.

Other Options Google Is Trying On Gmail

Google is also at the moment working on a ‘Refine my message’ option, that will allow users to ask the AI assistant to edit an email that they have written already. For instance, you can ask it to shorten a message for the sake of brevity, or even automatically ‘formalize’ it with more professional language and styling. Amusingly, there are also plans for an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option from the company.

With the integration of ChatGPT to Microsoft 365 after its initial integration into the Bing search engine of Microsoft, Google is now clearly worried about being on the back foot in the AI race. And as such, Bard will be coming to Docs pretty soon too although it looks very much like Google is taking a marginally more cautious approach than its competitor,  Microsoft, which may be a wise step given just how poorly Bard’s initial showing went down.

How to Sign Up For Bard

If however, you are interested in testing out Bard for yourself, you can easily sign up to take it for a test drive. And unlike ChatGPT, Google’s chatbot is at the moment in semi-open beta, so you will have to sit on the waiting list for a tad bit before you can jump in on it.



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