Male Voice Now on Amazon Alexa – Amazon Alexa New Voices

A Male Voice is now on amazon Alex. Voice-controlled AI-powered assistants are great these days. But they didn’t exactly start out that way. They were not particularly smart about the way they sounded and were at least not in the beginning.

Male Voice Now on Amazon Alexa

Almost all these great smart assistants regardless of the company or name started out with a female voice. they did this right before they finally allowed the users to select a variety of voices. The lone holdout that is among the major AI assistants is Alexa, but Amazon would now finally allow the users to select a male-sounding voice. and this is just happening eight years after the assistant debuted.

Male Voice Now on Amazon Alexa

There might just be scientific studies that happen on certain female voices that might just sound more pleasing to the gender that is listening. But this also would be psychological and ethical implications in portraying all those smart assistants as female, at least by default.

Although AI assistants default to female voices, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and even Samsung Bixby possess other voices. The users just get to choose to suit their preferences. Since it would be launched in 2013, however Amazon has still kept Alexa’s predominantly female.

Amazon Alexa New Voices

From time to time, although Amazon doesn’t offer Alexa other voices. Often as a gimmick or a time-limited marketing stunt. In fact, Amazon introduced Shaquille O’Neal’s and Melissa McCarthy’s voices to that list just last week. Now, it turns out that Amazon would silently add another non-celebrity voice option, this time a more male-sounding voice.

The Ambient discovered the new voice option is expected to come with some new wake word for Alexa. Alexa already can get configured to respond to “computer” or “Echo” or even “Amazon.” But now the users also get to switch more gender-neutral “Ziggy” names to trigger the voice assistant.

Alexa Default Voice

These changes are strangely not highly publicized. They go a long way in correcting stereotypes about these assistants and were a long time coming. By coincidence that Amazon continues to unofficially refer to Alexa as a female despite its own official documentation insisting that it has no gender at all since it is just an AI.


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