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The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia is accepting applications for the Child and Youth Development Program. This program, part of the Community Investment Funds grant cycle, focuses on fostering the well-being of children and youth annually.

Nurturing Child and Youth Development for Thriving Lives
Nurturing Child and Youth Development for Thriving Lives

The initiative aims to create a society where young people thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Funded through The Permanent Fund for Northern Virginia, this endeavour contributes to building a community that benefits everyone.


The deadline for the Child and Youth Development Program applications is February 7, 2024.


The primary objectives of the program are to enhance educational opportunities, promote mental and physical health, and create supportive environments for children and young adults. Through targeted projects, the aim is to contribute to the overall development and empowerment of the next generation.

Grant Amount and Allocation

This program offers a grant amount of $15,000 to selected projects. The fund allocation is flexible, allowing recipients to address various aspects of child and youth development, such as education, mental health, community engagement, and extracurricular activities.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the child and youth development program (2024) are as follows:

  • Program Focus: Grant requests are accepted from nonprofit organizations offering after-school programs for Elementary, Middle, and/or High School students, emphasizing academic achievement, mentorship, and leadership development.
  • 501(c)(3) Status: Applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations providing charitable or educational services. Local, state, and federal government entities are not eligible.
  • Grant Types: This year, only grant requests for general organizational support will be considered. Applications for capital improvements, endowments, or scholarship awards will not be accepted.
  • Geographic Scope: Grants are available to organizations serving Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, as well as the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Manassas/Manassas Park.
  • Budget Range: Eligible organizations should have budget sizes ranging from $150,000 to $4.5M.
  • Timely Applications: Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Single Application: Each organization may submit only one application for consideration.

 Application Process for Nurturing Child and Youth Development for Thriving Lives

The grant application process is as follows:

  • Access the Portal: Visit the official grants portal dedicated to submitting and updating applications (
  • Organizational Profile: Create or set up your organizational profile following portal instructions. For returning organizations, collaborate with colleagues to access existing profiles with grant history.
  • Access Existing Profiles: If your organization applied before, work with colleagues to access the established profile. Avoid creating a new one unless certain your organization has not applied previously.
  • Submit Application: Use your profile to submit the grant application. Follow prompts and provide the required information outlined in the guidelines.
  • Application History: Review your organization’s grant application history on the portal. Track progress for insights into future applications.
  • Contact Support: Reach out to portal support if issues arise during the application process or for inquiries.
  • Avoid Duplicates: Refrain from setting up a new profile unless certain your organization hasn’t applied before to avoid confusion.
  • Stay Informed: Check the portal regularly for updates and announcements. Refer to the official website ( for accurate information and guidelines.

Child and Youth Development Grant Documentation Guide

Ensure a smooth application process for the Child and Youth Development Grant by following these key steps:

  • Organizational Info: Provide detailed information about your organization, emphasizing its commitment to child and youth development.
  • Project Proposal: Develop a concise proposal outlining program objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes.
  • Budget Breakdown: Include a transparent budget breakdown aligning with the Child and Youth Development Program goals.
  • Organizational Profile: Set up or access your organizational profile on the grant portal with an accurate grant history.
  • Project Timeline: Provide a clear timeline illustrating key milestones for your proposed program.
  • Partnerships: Include any relevant partnership agreements or support letters from stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Outline a practical plan for monitoring and evaluating project progress.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure your proposal aligns with legal and ethical standards for child and youth development.
  • Sustainability: Describe plans for sustaining the program beyond the grant period.
  • Submission Requirements: Adhere to submission guidelines, considering format, deadlines, and channels specified on the grant portal.

Positive Impacts for Nurturing Child and Youth Development for Thriving Lives

The Child and Youth Development Grant aims to make a big positive difference in the lives of kids and young people. Here are some positive impacts:

  • Doing Well in School: The grant might help kids get a better education, making sure they have what they need to do well in school. This can help them have more opportunities and a better future.
  • Staying Healthy: The grant supports programs that focus on keeping kids healthy. This includes things like making sure they have good food, access to healthcare, and taking care of both their bodies and minds.
  • Learning Useful Skills: It helps with programs that teach young people important skills for their future. This could be things like job skills, leadership training, and other abilities they need to grow personally and professionally.
  • Being Involved in the Community: The grant encourages kids to be part of community projects that help them feel connected and responsible. This involvement can lead to them actively participating in making their community better.
  • Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunities: The grant pays attention to projects that make sure everyone, no matter their background, has the same chances to do well. This means focusing on fairness, inclusivity, and giving everyone an equal shot at success.


The Child and Youth Development Program is a force for positive change, dedicated to fostering a brighter future for the younger generation in the United States. By backing initiatives focused on education, health, and community engagement, this program plays a vital role in nurturing the potential of children and young people nationwide. Organizations and individuals devoted to child and youth development are encouraged to explore and contribute to this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my organization submit multiple project proposals for consideration?

Verify the grant guidelines for any limits on the number of proposals an organization can submit. Some programs may impose restrictions to ensure equitable consideration of all applications.

What happens if my project is not selected for funding?

If your project isn’t chosen, seek feedback from the evaluation process to improve future proposals. Keep an eye on upcoming calls for opportunities to reapply and address any feedback received.

How can I ensure a successful application?

To increase your application’s success, thoroughly read and adhere to the grant guidelines. Ensure your proposal aligns with the grant’s goals, provides clear project details, and follows submission requirements.



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