Australian Scholarships Awards For 1000 African Students With At Least 3rd Class – How to Apply Now

The Australian Scholarships Awards For 1000 African Students With At Least 3rd Class is now available for students to apply. Are you wondering why there aren’t any scholarships for students with lower degrees (Second class or Third class degrees)? You’ve got to keep reading as this article seeks to extend your knowledge on the best Australian Scholarships Awards for African students with at least 3rd class degrees.

Australian Scholarships Awards For 1000 African Students With At Least 3rd Class

Australian Scholarships Awards For 1000 African Students With At Least 3rd Class

Most of these scholarship programs are usually sponsored by organizations in partnership with the granting universities. It is rather considered as an investment rather than a mere gift by those that offer them. Yea! You will be right to say little wonder most of these scholarship offers have some level of strings attached. There are usually certain conditions for awarding these scholarships, they may include some or all of the following below:

  • The Student Academic merit
  • Inculcating the Student to be Employable and subsequently absorbing student into the donor organization after studies
  • The student’s ability to maintain a certain grade point average
  • Suitable career goal
  • Organization representation in activities
  • Community/Region affiliation
  • Leadership potential

It will really require a lot of effort to find scholarships that don’t consider the academic merit of a student, however, it is very possible to get scholarships with other considerations. Hence, we have outlined the best Australian Scholarships Awards for African Student to enroll for a Master’s degree, these scholarship is offered annually to students with Lower Second Class or Third class and is renewed every year.

These Scholarships Awards for African Students are offered by the Australian Government’s development assistance program for Africa, the scholarships provide access to postgraduate education, training, and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from eligible countries.

The aim of this scholarship program is to ensure that upon successful completion of the study program, Australia Awards Alumni are expected to contribute actively to development in their home countries when they return to their workplace.

Meanwhile, this Scholarship Award is in two categories namely; Australian Scholarships Awards for African Students to undertake higher degree studies in Australia at Masters level, and Australia Awards Scholarships for Short Courses, targeted professional training courses, in Australia and/or in Africa, over an area of development of focused sectors.

Description of the Australian Scholarships Awards for African Students 2022

The following are the full details of the Australian Scholarships Awards For African Students.

  • The Application Deadlines:  Australia Scholarships Awards for African Students (Masters Scholarships) December 2022
  • Australia Awards Short Courses Scholarships: January 2023
  • The Scholarship is Offered annually
  • University: To be undertaken at an Australian and African Universities
  • Countries Eligible to Apply: African countries

Also, the following countries are eligible for Short Course Awards

Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, North Sudan, Republic of Guinea, and South Sudan

  • Various Fields of study (varies by African country)
  1. Agriculture/Food Security
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Public Policy
  5. Environmental Management
  6. Natural Resource Management
  7. Vocational Education, Technical & Training, available for Short Courses only
  8. Energy; Natural Gas and Oil Technology
  9. Natural Resource Management

Transport (including Ports, Roads and Airports Management)

  • Program Inception: 1980
  • Masters taught degrees and short courses

The Criteria for Australian Scholarship Awards for African Students 2022

For an applicant to be considered for a master’s scholarship or short course award, he/she must meet their country’s eligibility requirements. However, the general requirements to apply are stated below:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of an eligible African country
  • The minimum academic requirement is Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • The candidate is expected to be a Mid-level to senior-level professional, currently employed in a relevant field
  • Applicant must fulfill all the relevant post-graduate work experience requirements
  • The applicant must demonstrate a clear vision of how the knowledge gained through the scholarship will be used to improve policy, practice, or reform in their home country
  • This program mandates a satisfactory English proficiency from the applicant to enable full participation in a training course delivered in English
  • You must Satisfy all requirements of the Australian Government for the appropriate student visa (subclass 500).
  • Applicant must be willing to undertake a Masters’s degree in Australia in one of the listed priority fields of study.

Note: The Australia Scholarships Awards for African Students target equal participation by women and men. In fact, applications from women are strongly encouraged, with full support systems given to women applicants

  • These scholarships Awards aim to ensure that people with a disability are given fair and equal opportunities to compete for and obtain a scholarship. The Number of Scholarships is Up to 1,000, therefore, persons with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Scholarships Worth: This is a Full government-sponsored scholarship
  • Duration of Scholarship: it covers the duration of the candidate’s program

How to Apply for Australian Scholarships Awards for African Students

To apply for this amazing scholarship, please Visit Programme Webpage for detailed guidelines on the application process and other information


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