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FeaturePoints is an online and mobile platform you can use to earn money. Are you a student or have too much extra time on your hands and are looking for where to earn extra cash online, well why don’t you use FeaturePoints on your phone or the web and earn money with surveys, cashback, downloading the app, shopping online and much more.



This platform gives you the opportunity to earn money by giving your opinion, sharing with friends, downloading apps, watching videos and more. You can use your points to redeem rewards including PayPal cash, Amazon, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. If you are interested you can download the app for convenience to get started.

FeaturePoints App

You can sign up and start completing a task using the web but will it not be better if you use the app. The app allows you to start completing the task at your convenience at any time, anywhere you are free. The FeaturePoints app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can cash out your points through PayPal and though it does not pay much it also good to have.

FeaturePoints App Download Android

To download this app for your android device is super easy.

  • On your android device go to the app store which is the Google play store.
  • Use the search bar to search for FeaturePoints.
  • Tap on the FeaturePoints get rewarded icon and on the next page.
  • Tap on install.

The app will immediately get installed into your android device.

Download FeaturePoints App on iOS Device

Here is how to download the FeaturePoints app into your android device.

  • Go to your device app store which is the Apple store and search for feature points.
  • Click on the FeaturePoints icon to download.

Once you have the app in your device you can share your referral code with friends and earn 50 percent of points they earn

FeaturePoints Cash Back

You can earn cashback on feature points and here is how.

  • Login into your account.
  • Select a store from the cashback page and you will be taken to the store website.
  • Make a purchase in the store.

Once these steps are followed correctly, your cashback will be now added to your account within 30 days.

How FeaturePoints Work

These are the steps to earn some points on FeaturePoints. By doing the following on the feature point platform you can earn points to redeem rewards. If you do not have the app you can download it in your device.

  • Download apps and use the apps for at least 2 minutes to collect points.
  • Complete surveys and watch videos to earn more points. When you have collected sufficient points
  • Open the rewards tab.
  • Pick a reward. Possible rewards include PayPal money, amazon gift cards, and other gifts card and if you have enough points you may be able to earn a device.
  • Look for special promotions. There are sometimes special drawings in which each time you download an app you are entered for a chance to win.

This is how you will be able to earn points and spend the points on FeaturePoints.


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