AMR Advocacy Photo Contest 2023 – APPLY NOW

The AMR Advocacy Photo Contest 2023 is currently accepting applications. The annual CPHIA aims to provide a platform for African leaders to reflect on healthcare and scientific advancements and work towards building resilient health systems.

AMR Advocacy Photo Contest

AMR Advocacy Photo Contest 2023

In an effort to further broaden the conference’s reach, CPHIA 2023 will highlight Africa’s efforts in breaking barriers, showcasing the continent as a hub for innovation, scientific progress, and the generation of new knowledge and health-related products.

With African nations striving to achieve a New Public Health Order, this year’s conference aims to contribute to the development of a healthier and more prosperous Africa, benefitting both the continent and the world.

Africa CDC recognizes the importance of artistic expression as a means of communication and is actively promoting various forms of art, including photography. As part of these efforts, they have launched the “AMR advocacy in photos” competition.

The theme of the photo contest

Preventing Antimicrobial resistance together: A compelling image(s) that showcases the collaborative bond between humans, animals, and the environment in preventing antimicrobial resistance. The photo(s) emphasizes how our interconnected well-being plays a crucial role in preserving our health.


  • 1st phase: The 5 winners of the first phase will have the opportunity to participate in the CPHIA Experience in Zambia Lusaka and engage with AMR stakeholders.
  • 2nd phase: The continental winner, during their time in Zambia, will be awarded the AMR advocacy contest Certificate and appointed as one of the Youth Africa CDC AMR champions.
  • Africa CDC will recognize the champion’s accomplishments and offer a platform for publicity, including public announcements, press releases, and acknowledgment at the CPHIA event.
  • Africa CDC will facilitate connections between the champion and experts, professionals, and organizations working in the field of AMR, including youth-led AMR organizations, fostering collaboration in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.
  • Africa CDC will provide mentorship and guidance to the champion on effective advocacy for AMR awareness and action, as well as assistance with public relations and communication to effectively convey their message and engage with the media.

Eligibility Criteria

The competition is available to students between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over Africa.

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates will undergo assessment based on the following evaluation criteria

  • Photo quality
  • Emotional impact
  • Ability to tell a story
  • Relevance to the main theme of the event.

How to Submit Your Application For AMR Advocacy Photo Contest 2023

To successfully submit photographs, please ensure that they are in one of the following formats: jpg, tiff, png, psd, or bmp. Additionally, please note that file sizes should not exceed 10 MB.

For each photograph submission, we kindly ask that you provide the necessary information in a Word format, including:

  • Author’s name
  • Date of the photograph
  • Place of the photograph (Location, Country)
  • Title of the photograph
  • Accompanying text that explains the nature of the photograph and its relevance to the AMR Side event theme (limited to 100 words)
  • To complete your submission, please click on the provided link, which will lead you to a page where you can upload your photo, the Word document detailing the photograph, and a signed consent form.

For further details visit AMR Advocacy Photo Contest   Official website.

Application Deadline

November 14, 2023.

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