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The Immerse Education Essay Competition allows students between the ages of 13 and 18 to submit essays on a topic of their choice within their field of interest. With a selection of over twenty questions available in our comprehensive Essay Competition Guide, participants have the freedom to choose their preferred prompt.

Immerse Education Essay Competition

Ten winners will be awarded a prestigious 100% scholarship to pursue their studies at a renowned university of their choosing. Notably accomplished runners-up will also receive partial scholarships as recognition for their outstanding work.


  • Access to scholarships: Winners of the essay competition have the opportunity to receive scholarships of up to 50% to study their desired subject with Immerse. The number of runners-up who receive scholarship funding is determined by the volume of entries and the quality of submitted work. Typically, approximately 7% of entrants are awarded scholarship funding to attend an Immerse program.
  • Opportunities for studying abroad: The essay competition presents students with the chance to win a fully or partially funded scholarship to participate in Online Programmes or residential programs in prestigious locations such as Oxford, Cambridge, Sydney, London, and more.
  • Ongoing support from Immerse: Throughout your essay writing process, Immerse offers full support from their team, providing free guides and top tips to assist you along the way. By signing up, you can receive Immerse’s comprehensive Essay Competition Guide as well as useful tips and tricks. You can also follow them on Instagram and TikTok to access additional valuable advice for essay writing.
  • Showcasing your knowledge: Participating in the competition gives you the platform to demonstrate your depth of understanding by addressing complex university-style questions.
  • Enhancing your skills and knowledge: Engaging in the competition allows for the application and improvement of your essay writing skills. Additionally, the process often leads to acquiring new knowledge and insights.
  • Developing self-discipline: Taking part in the competition requires a commitment to a challenging project, fostering self-discipline as you see it through from beginning to end.
  • Prizes
  • First place: Ten winners will receive a full scholarship.
  • Runner-up: Participants who are recognized as Runners Up in the essay competition will be granted partial scholarships ranging from 1% to 50% to pursue their desired field of study at Immerse. The exact number of runners-up will depend on the quantity of entries received and the caliber of the submitted work. Usually, approximately 7% of all entrants are awarded scholarship funding to participate in an Immerse program.

Eligibility criteria

  • The Immerse Education Essay Competition welcomes students from all nationalities worldwide.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 18 at the time of their selected program.
  • Participants should have an interest in a diverse range of subjects, including but not limited to architecture, medicine, creative writing, and film studies.

How to Apply For Immerse Education Essay Competition 2024

To commence your application, click here

For further information please visit Immerse Education Essay Competition  Official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter the Immerse Essay Competition

The Immerse Education Essay Competition welcomes submissions from young individuals aged 13-18 who have an interest in a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to Architecture, Medicine, Creative Writing, and Film Studies. If an individual is successful, they should be at least 13 years old by the start of their program.

Do I need to pay or enroll in a programme to be able to enter the competition?

There is no entry fee for the Immerse Education Essay Competition, and participants are not required to have already enrolled in any of the Immerse programs in order to take part.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Each participant can only submit one entry per year to the Immerse Education Essay Competition. If multiple entries are submitted for different subjects, only the first entry received will be evaluated. The deadline for applications is specified.

What are the submission requirements?

To enter the competition, your submission must be a single PDF document that is double-spaced and written in Times New Roman font, size 11. It is important that your file remains anonymous. Detailed instructions regarding submission requirements can be found in the complete Essay Competition Guide, accessible through the provided form. It is recommended that all participants thoroughly read the guide to ensure that their essay meets all the necessary criteria.

Application Deadline

January 4, 2024

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