Mercy Corps Ventures Climate Tech Facility 2023 (Equity-free Grants of $100,00) – APPLY NOW

Mercy Corps is a global organization comprising over 5,400 humanitarians dedicated to creating a world where prosperity knows no bounds. They recently unveiled their innovative Climate Tech Facility, with the aim of identifying and supporting climate technology pioneers.

Mercy Corps Ventures Climate Tech Facility 2023

The primary goal of the MCV Climate Tech Facility is to introduce groundbreaking climate-resilient technologies in emerging markets through a series of pilot programs. Mercy Corps Ventures partners with early-stage ventures committed to climate-tech solutions, to build a foundation for scaling these innovations to combat the pressing climate crisis.

MCV Climate Tech Facility – Overview

The Climate Tech Facility is managed by MCV’s Climate Venture Lab, which will issue multiple calls for proposals throughout the year, each with distinct focus areas aligned with the Resilient Future Thesis. This facility is set to provide equity-free grants of up to $100,000 to eligible partners.

In addition, MCV’s Climate Venture Lab also offers mentorship, impact measurement advisory services, access to partnership opportunities, knowledge exchange, and brand exposure. The facility’s overarching objective is to initiate and gather insights from up to ten pioneering climate technologies deployed in select regions.

These efforts aim to enhance resilience for low-income populations. Additionally, these insights will be shared openly to reduce the risk for new capital investments and attract more funders.

Benefits of Mercy Corps Climate Tech Facility

The provision of equity-free grants of up to $100,000, is one of the amazing aspects of the Mercy Corps Climate Tech Facility. This financial support will go a long way in enabling climate technology innovators to take their ideas from concept to reality.

Eligibility Criteria for Mercy Corps Climate Tech Facility

To be eligible for the Mercy Corps Climate Tech Facility, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Prospective Candidates must be a small and growing startup or organization dedicated to climate tech.
  • Have active users and revenue derived from products or services offered by the startup or organization in at least one eligible country.
  • Must be a registered entity operating in the country of pilot implementation, either domestically or through international partnerships.
  • Comply with all relevant business licensing, taxation, and employee regulations in all applicable countries where grant pilot operations occur.
  • Have a bank account in the country where the grant funds will be received.
  • Demonstrate that a majority of income is derived from commercial activities. Early-stage companies not meeting this threshold must provide a reliable path to sustainability through revenue-generating commercial activities.
  • Allocate substantial resources to demonstrate commitment and the strategic importance of the pilot opportunity.
  • Only one startup or organization can apply for funding and become a pilot delivery partner. However, applicants are encouraged to have downstream partners to support implementation. Government entities cannot be sub-recipients of the grant.

How to Apply for Mercy Corps Ventures Climate Tech Facility 2023?

Do you meet the above eligibility criteria? If yes, apply for the Mercy Corps Climate Tech Facility by visiting the official application page of Mercy Corps Ventures (MCV) on:

Take note of the following steps for a smooth application process:

Application Deadline

November 15, 2023.

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