Credit Direct Limited: Application Process for Credit Direct Limited Loan

Credit Direct Limited is one of the biggest financial service providers in Nigeria, which has its head office in Lagos. They essentially offer the public a friendly, affordable way of accessing their online lending services as well as investment products.

Credit Direct Limited
Credit Direct Limited

Their loans are attractive to the ordinary Nigerian because they offer their clients a forgiving repayment option. This company is renowned for pioneering the unsecured micro-lending market in Nigeria.

In this article, you’ll be walked through all you need to know about Credit Direct limited

Loan Types of Credit Direct Limited

This company is offering four types of loans to the public. These loans include:

Sharp-Sharp Loans

This loan is only available to federal, state, and local government workers. In general, once you have submitted the full supporting documents, your loan will be processed within 24 hours. About 1 to 12 months are the tenors of sharp, short-term loans.

Documents Needed to Obtain a Sharp Sharp Loan

You will need the following documents in order to take out a sharp loan:

  • Completed agreement form for the loan.
  • Introduction & Employment letter or a Confirmation letter.
  • Attached passport photo
  • Guarantor Submissions, evidence proving your residence and income, and post-dated cheques.
  • Work ID (for salary-based people only) and bank Statements or your Pay Slips.
  • National ID, Driver’s ID, International passport or any other valid means of Identification will be required.

Cash-to-Go Loans

The Cash to Go loans are only for workers with fixed salaries and the disbursement is made 24 hours after complete documentation has been submitted.

In addition, the tenors for Cash to Go loans vary between 1 and 12 months.

Documents Needed to Obtain A Cash To Go Loan

Here are the documents you will need to obtain the Cash to Go loans:

  • One passport picture.
  • Staff identity card belonging to you.
  • Letter of employment alongside your last salary review letter.
  • Valid means of Identification.
  • Your three months’ duly stamped bank statement (it’s compulsory for it to be up to date)
  • Pension statement for holders of a current account.
  • Post-dated cheques Covering the tenor of your Loan.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • A direct debit mandate is signed and duly updated.

Quick Asset Finance Loans

Basically, this product provides you with a loan to finance income-generating assets such as grinding machines, white goods and all household appliances only. There are three, six, nine and twelve months of loan tenors available for this product.

Documents Needed to Obtain Quick Asset Finance Loan

In order to use Quick Asset Finance Loan, you will need these documents:

  • Completed agreement form for the loan.
  • Introduction Letter
  • Attach a photograph of your passport to the loan agreement form.
  • Appointment letter
  • Staff ID and other valid identification means.
  • Confirmation letter
  • A three-month consecutive payslip alongside your bank statement.
  • CDL introduction letter.

Empower the Corps Loans

This loan product has been developed by Credit Direct in conjunction with the NYSC to meet the financing needs of corps members. Therefore, only members of the Youth Corps will be able to use this product.

Documents Needed to Obtain Empower the Corps Loan

To take advantage of the Empower the Corps loan, you’re going to need these documents:

  • A picture of your NYSC ID card.
  • Photo of attestation letter from SAED.
  • A photograph of a corps member wearing a full NYSC uniform.
  • A clear photograph of the corps member’s face.
  • A photo of a valid ATM card of corps members’ official National Youth Service Corps account.
  • A photograph of the completed letter of the undertaking clearly signed and dated by the corps member.

Note:  Credit Direct Limited requires a credit check before approving your loan request.

How Much Can You Get from a Credit Direct Limited Loan?

You can borrow at least N 100,000 and a maximum of N2,500,000 from Credit Direct Limited if you qualify as long as your documents are complete and in order.

Application Process for Credit Direct Limited Loan

If you’re considering applying for a credit direct loan, these are the few steps to take:

  • In order to access a direct loan registration page, follow this quick link:
  • Now fill in your details in the online loan application form.
  • After that, click on the Apply Now button and then wait for them to verify your basic information and contact you.
  • Also if you would like to apply for a specific type of loan, you can open the menu and go to the loan tab, then click on the type of loan that you would like to apply for in order to make an application.

Credit Direct Limited Contact Services

How can reach them via:


Anyone who fulfils the eligibility requirements will find it very easy to apply for credit direct loans. Moreover, they provide a flexible tenor for repayment which means that customers can enjoy peace of mind and time to pay back the loan.

You can certainly take a look at the loan products available on this platform if you have to get funding to pay off your debts.



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