Federal Government Student Loan Requirement and Eligibility | How to Apply Now

The federal government student loan is more than a financial aid program. The Student Loan platform set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria, is a beacon of hope for Nigerian students in higher institutions.

Federal Government Student Loan
Federal Government Student Loan

Federal Government Student Loan

The Federal Government of Nigeria established the Loan Initiative to break financial barriers in higher education. By giving interest-free loans, we are fundamentally reshaping the educational landscape.

Student Loan Mission

The Federal Government of Nigeria aims to revolutionise higher education through the Student Loan Initiative in Nigeria by providing interest-free loans to eligible students, thereby breaking down financial barriers and empowering Nigerians to pursue their academic aspirations.

  • To provide accessible interest-free loans for higher education.
  • To ensure equal access to quality education for all eligible students
  • To foster a knowledge-driven economy through education.

Federal Government Student Loan Vision

The Student Loan Initiative is in perfect alignment with the government’s vision for education to be accessible to all Nigerians.

The Student Loan Initiative embodies this vision as it strives to eliminate financial constraints and open the door to academic pursuits, enabling students to shape their own future.

  • Facilitate Financial Access to Higher Education
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders for Impact
  • Enable Equal Opportunity for All Nigerian Student
  • Promote Education for National Development

How to Apply

To apply for the loan, follow the process outlined below.

  • Navigate to the student loan portal.
  • Then register on the Platform by clicking the “APPLY NOW” button in the portal to get started
  • Click the “Request for Student Loan” button, complete the loan application steps and submit.
  • Your application will be reviewed. After verification, payments will be made to your institution for institutional charge, while the upkeep loan will be paid to the bank account you have provided in your profile


This loan is a pathway to educational accessibility without financial stress. Here are the benefits.

  • Interest-free loans for tuition fees. There are no hidden charges.
  • Equal access to higher education for all eligible students.
  • Limits financial stress on students and families
  • Flexible payment duration. The payment of student loans starts two years after NYSC.

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