VULTe Digital Bank: How to Open an Account, Get Loans, Pay Bills

Do you know that the banking and finance sector will be fully digital in the future? Thus, Banks are taking significant steps to revolutionize their products and services to be fully available online. One such product is the VULTe from Polaris.

VULTe Digital Bank
VULTe Digital Bank

Polaris Bank is the creator of Vulte, a digital bank that provides its users with full access to banking services. Vulte is a mobile app developed to do everything a traditional bank does for you.

Vulte allows its users to control their banking activities without waiting in line for hours. The Vulte account opening procedure is very straightforward.

You’ll learn how to set up an account with VULTe, apply for loans, pay bills, and do so as you go through this post.

What’s VULTe And How Does It Work?

Polaris Bank is the creator of VULTe, its official internet bank. Mobile users can send and receive funds from another bank in Nigeria without delay by using the mobile app.

When customers forget their card at home, VULTe by Polaris enables them to make withdrawals and payments on ATMs without the need for a card.

VULTe is available to all users of Polaris Bank. This service may also be available to non-users, but they must create an account. Now that’s where digital banking comes in. Are you aware that instead of going to one of the Polaris Bank branches to open an account, the entire opening process can be done online at your convenience?

Note: It does not mean that the VULTe account can replace an existing Polaris bank account. However, conducting all essential banking services and transactions on your mobile phone is possible.

Advantages of Using VULTe By Polaris

VULTe by Polaris offers many benefits to its users, given that it is fully digital. Here are a few:

Completely Digital

Everything starts on the Internet, from setting up an account to paying bills and obtaining a loan. Nigerians will have a more comfortable life thanks to this FinTech product from Polaris Bank.


If you want to transfer money from your account to another bank account, VULTe can help you. Typically, individuals would go to a POS outlet and then to the bank to make such transactions., With the VULTe app, any kind of bank transaction can be carried out from home, office, or anywhere you are.

Doorstep Debit Card Delivery

Usually, before getting an ATM debit or credit card, bank users will have to pay around N1,000 with VAT. Aside from that, they will also have to visit the bank in person and apply for a debit or credit form. Then they will be told to come over in a few days and get the card. On the other hand, it’s straightforward to get a debit card with VULTe by Polaris.

The closest branch of the Polaris bank to you may be selected as your chosen destination. As long as this is readily available. You can also obtain a home or work address delivery. Furthermore, no additional costs are charged for the delivery by VULTe. This is one of the advantages of using their digital banking services.

Utility bills are paid easily using VULTe by Polaris

You can make your everyday NEPA/PHCN bill payments, all your data and TV cable subscriptions, airtime top-ups, online shopping and lots more.

Users of the VULTe mobile app can also use the app to apply for loans and pay later.

Is It Safe to Use VULTe?

Yes. As we’ve been saying, VULTe is an electronic bank owned by Polaris Bank. It’ll do everything else you can in other banking applications, like getting a loan.

Polaris ensures the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation for all of its VULTe deposits. VULTe is authorised by the Central Bank of Nigeria to run and provide Internet banking services powered by Polaris Bank Limited.

The VULTe mobile app has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times, yet there have been no reported incidents of fraud or security breaches at the time of writing this article.

VULTe By Polaris: Mobile app download

Click this link and register:

Simply visit the Google Play Store then download the VULTe mobile app.

How to Create An Account On VULTe

  • Open the app and grant specific permissions
  • Click on the Register Your Account button on the first page
  • Make sure you provide your account number and email address if you are already a user of Polaris Bank.
  • Input the phone number associated with your bank account. A verification code will be sent to confirm your identity.
  • Create your desired username and a strong, secure password.
  • Set a 4-digit PIN for transactions.

How to Pay Bills Using VULTe By Polaris

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to pay your utility bills through the VULTe digital banking application. For more insight, go through the below steps:

  • Search and press the button for ‘Utilities’ on your VULTe dashboard.
  • You’ll see a different page pop up on your device. You must select the type of electricity bill that you want to pay. It can be power, TV subscriptions, sports gambling, data bundles, etc.
  • Next, you will need to provide a customer ID and certain additional information depending on the type of bill.
  • Input the exact amount of money you want to pay.
  • Ensure all the information is correct and enter your VULTe transaction PIN to make payment.

How to Receive Loans on The VULTe By Polaris Banking App

You also know that in the VULTe app, you can apply for a loan. A PolarisPayday Loan, which is also known as a salary advance, can be requested.

This is the way it works. First, you might be an income earner or someone who receives a certain monthly amount. You may apply for up to half of your estimated salary as a maximum loan amount.

For instance, your total monthly salary can be estimated at N100 000 by Polaris Bank. You may obtain a maximum loan amount of N50,000 in this case.

If you are eligible for a loan, it will appear on your dashboard along with the total amount of loans that can be applied for.

Application Process for a Salary Advance (PayDay Loan) on the VULTe app

  • On your dashboard, you will see an eligibility message. Click on it
  • Please enter the loan amount that you would like to obtain on the next page. As we’ve already told you, the amount shown on your screen is a loan limit.
  • There will be a display of some terms and conditions. If you wish, you may look through and accept the following.
  • Provide your transaction details of VULTE and submit your application.
  • Your VULTe wallet is then credited with the amount you requested.

Complaints and Customer Support

If you encounter issues or have questions, you can contact VULTe by Polaris through their customer service hotlines, online channels, or email addresses:

VULTe Customer Support

To complain or ask questions, you can contact VULTe by Polaris on their customer service hotlines, online channels, and email addresses.







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