20 Most Common Jobs in America

Welcome to my blog post, we have researched 20 of the most common jobs in America that you can apply for to make cool cash. However, they are flexible with lots of benefits to enjoy.

20 Most Common Jobs in America
20 Most Common Jobs in America

When applying for the job, you will need to provide your new skills and years of experience in that field. However, it helps identify what jobs you are interested in and also summarizes your career path.

The Most Common Jobs in America

In the landscape of the American workforce, certain occupations consistently stand out as the most common. These jobs not only form the backbone of the economy but also play a crucial role in shaping the daily lives of millions of individuals.

This article explores the 20 most common jobs in America, shedding light on their significance, trends, and the skills required to thrive in these professions.

Retail Salespersons

Salary range: $30,916-   $36,069

With the retail industry being a major player in the U.S. economy, retail salespersons top the list of the most common jobs. They assist customers, process transactions, and contribute significantly to the overall customer experience.


  • Salary: $14.26- $19.24 per hour
  • $33,282- $44,899

Working hand-in-hand with retail salespersons, cashiers are essential in processing payments and ensuring smooth transactions. Their role extends across various industries, from grocery stores to entertainment venues.

Food Preparation and Serving Workers

Salary range: $29,431- $26,000 yearly

From fast-food establishments to fine-dining restaurants, food preparation and serving workers are integral to the thriving hospitality sector. This category includes cooks, chefs, and restaurant staff.

Office Clerks

  • Salary range: $16.16- $21.88 hourly
  • $62,778- $84,988 yearly

Office clerks play a crucial administrative role in maintaining organized and efficient office operations. They handle tasks such as filing, data entry, and managing communication within an office setting.

Registered Nurses

  • $43.43- $66.61 per hour
  • $92,691- $142,163

The healthcare sector remains a significant contributor to the job market, and registered nurses play a vital role in patient care. Their responsibilities range from administering medications to providing emotional support to patients and their families.

Customer Service Representatives

  • $17.70- $31.03 hourly
  • $61,828- $108,374 yearly

In the age of information and technology, customer service representatives are essential for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction across various industries.

Waiters and Waitresses

  • $16.08- $28.89 per hour
  • $46,045- $82,715

The restaurant and hospitality industry heavily relies on the services of waiters and waitresses. Their responsibilities include taking orders, serving meals, and creating a positive dining experience for customers.

Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers

$27,000 and $38,000 per year

The logistics and transportation industry requires a substantial workforce to move goods efficiently. Labourers and movers play a critical role in ensuring the timely and safe transportation of products.

Janitors and Cleaners

  • $15.04- $21.61 per hour
  • $40,614- $58,347 per hour

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various establishments is the responsibility of janitors and cleaners. Their work is indispensable in creating safe and pleasant environments in offices, schools, and public spaces.

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

  • Salary range: $19.30- $29.57 per hour
  • $45,021- $68,970 per year

Supporting executives and teams, secretaries and administrative assistants handle tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing correspondence, and maintaining organized office operations.

General and Operations Managers

  • Salary range: $61,616- $102,711 yearly
  • $26.46- $44.11 per hourly

At the helm of organizational leadership, general and operations managers are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, managing staff, and implementing strategies to achieve business goals.

Accountants and Auditors

  • $84,558- $165,321 per year
  • $22.98- $44.93 hourly

In the world of finance, accountants and auditors play a crucial role in ensuring financial accuracy, compliance with regulations, and providing insights that aid in decision-making.

Software Developers

  • $117,894- $188,104 per year
  • $50.62- $80.77

With the growing influence of technology, software developers are in high demand. They design, create, and maintain software applications that power various aspects of business and daily life.

First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

  • Salary range: $20.27- $31.91 per hour
  • $61,312- $96,516 yearly

These supervisors play a key role in leading and managing retail sales teams, ensuring that sales targets are met, and customer satisfaction is maintained.

Sales Representatives

$71,465- $117,000 per year

Sales representatives promote and sell products or services to businesses and consumers. Their ability to build relationships and effectively communicate product benefits is vital for success.

Elementary School Teachers

  • $18.00- $29.70 per hour
  • $52,538- $86,706 per year

Educators at the elementary level contribute significantly to the foundational development of young minds. They create engaging lessons, foster a positive learning environment, and play a key role in shaping students’ academic and social skills.

Construction Laborers

  • Salary range: $18.34- $27.80 per hour
  • $36,676- $55,600 yearly

As the construction industry continues to thrive, construction laborers are in demand to perform tasks such as digging, loading and unloading materials, and assisting in various construction projects.


  • Salary range: $16.05- $22.72 hourly
  • $48,734- $69,016 yearly

The first point of contact in many organizations, receptionists manage phone calls, greet visitors, and perform clerical tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the front office.

Medical and Health Services Managers

  • Salary range: $48,734- $69,016 yearly
  • $16.05- $22.72 hourly

In the healthcare sector, medical and health services managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of healthcare facilities, managing staff, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Financial Managers

  • $107,516- $186,535 per year
  • $29.78- $51.68 hourly

Financial managers are instrumental in guiding organizations toward financial success. They develop financial strategies, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions to ensure the financial health of the business.

Online Site to Apply for Jobs

If you are interested in any of the listed above, you can apply online. However, technology has made job search easy for us. There are different online platforms to find these jobs with easy application. Below are some of the websites to see the jobs stated above:

  • Indeed.com
  • Linkedln.com
  • Jobberman.com
  • Jobsite.co.uk, etc.


The 20 most common jobs in America reflect the diverse needs of a lively and evolving economy. From retail and hospitality to healthcare and technology, these occupations together contribute to the nation’s economic growth and societal well-being. As the job market continues to evolve, staying informed about these common roles can help individuals make informed career choices and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the American workforce.



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