Microsoft Build 2021: What to Expect From Microsoft Build 2021

The Microsoft Build 2021 is close as other companies are on their yearly event. It is that time again when technology companies together with developers talk about upcoming software and services.

The most recent event was Google’s I/O conference, and now it’s almost time for Microsoft Build 2021. For the second year in a row, Microsoft’s Build developer conference.

As a Microsoft user, you should be expectant of this event. So as to know what’s coming to your device or software. Read more on this article to get info about the Microsoft Build 2021.

Microsoft Build 2021

Microsoft Build 2021

This event may take place from the 25th to the 27th of May. And it is all digital and free for anyone to attend. It’s a completely online experience. With live streamed or prerecorded sessions which will be added to an internet schedule, or “backpack.”

There are even breakout opportunities and networking chances with Microsoft Teams. But this year’s Build developer conference has high hopes compared to last year’s event.

We predict the 2021 edition is going to be a bit different from the past, with more attention on Windows and consumer products. Here’s what we expect from Build 2021.

Future of Windows – Microsoft Build 2021

The front-end experience of Windows 10 wasn’t talked about much at previous Build conferences. Unlike Apple or Google, Microsoft doesn’t usually mention big updates or features of Windows 10 at its Build keynote.

Instead, it tends to target the developer experiences for the OS. Last year, the massive announcements were Project Reunion, changes to the new Microsoft Edge browser. And also, new GPU and GUI features for the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Microsoft PowerToys.

Microsoft Edge

Build 2020 featured tons of sessions focused on Microsoft’s new Edge browser. And this is powered by Google’s open-source Chromium engine.

Since last year, Microsoft has steadily updated Edge, adding in a lot of new features. Just like Vertical Tabs, a brand-new Kids Mode, and Performance Mode.

Expect Microsoft to continue this theme at Build 2021. Microsoft will likely highlight the progress made in Edge and mention the new direction heading forward.

At the Ignite conference, Microsoft mentioned how it wanted to merge the codebase between the mobile and desktop versions of Edge.

This permits more features to be ported between both versions. And for the browser to remain updated regularly.

Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Build 2021

With the boom within the use of Microsoft Teams due to the pandemic, you’ll expect it to be an enormous topic of discussion at Microsoft Build.

Last year’s event saw Teams and Microsoft 365 receive many updates like a Bookings app and also the new Lists app. We expect more of similar this year, where Microsoft talks about incoming features for Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Right now, there are over 287 sessions that specialize in Microsoft Teams, Azure, and Power Platform, all of which fall into the Microsoft 365 banner of products. More might be on the way, too.

It definitely looks as if this year’s Build is one to watch. Teams, Edge, Windows, and more could finally be put into the spotlight. And that we consumers will have the possibility to enjoy shiny new features.


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