Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE: Which Small Phone Is Best

This article is all about a comparison between the Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE. Both phones are Apple’s smallest phones so far.

Though both of these phones are amazing in their own ways. The major reason for this iPhone battle is which is best for anyone that wants an iPhone without a big display.

If you are skeptical about which of either to buy, then read more on this Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE article.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE

Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE

Wanting a smaller smartphone is usually common? Apple finally responded last year with the introduction of the updated iPhone SE.

Taking the simplest bits from the iPhone 11 and putting them into the iPhone 8’s body. Followed by the iPhone 12 mini, a smaller version of the iPhone 12 flagships.

There are a couple of key things separating these two excellent smartphones, all of which we’ll get into below. But there are many similarities like excellent hardware, the newest iOS, numerous apps and games, stunning cameras, and multiple colors.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE – Design

As expected, both of the iPhones have a lot in common. And thanks to the recent version of iOS, almost all of the software is similar.

Let’s get to the difference. The iPhone 12 mini is larger with a 5.4-inch display than the SE’s 4.7-inch. Also, the iPhone 12 mini has two cameras, Face ID, A14 chip, which is much than the SE’s A13.

This means that the 12 mini is compatible with MagSafe accessories, a new tough ceramic shield front, and water resistance to 6 meters.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE – Features

Users who activate Face ID will realize how quickly unlocking their iPhone 12 mini is, even while wearing a mask.

The SE is almost like the iPhone 8 with a rounded-off design and home button. While the 12 mini is just like the iPhone 12 with newer squared-off edges and a larger display.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE – Verdict

The major difference between the Apple iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE is the price and size. If you are more focused on the smallest, then the SE is best for you.

But if you seek a smaller Apple phone with more features, then you might want to get the iPhone 12 mini. As there are almost all the latest updates and features packed on the phone with the latest A14 chip.

And lastly, the overall winner based on this comparison is the iPhone 12, which is costlier than the SE.


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