Apple iPhone Upgrade Program: Apple iPhone Upgrade Program Cost

The Apple iPhone Upgrade Program is for tech lovers or iPhone users who love to keep up with the latest models. This program doesn’t require that you purchase the AppleCare+ plan.

It will be available to qualify iPhone users with a credit check and eligible U.S. credit or debit card. In this article, we will be giving you info on the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, including the cost and other requirements.

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

This program is essentially an installment-style payment plan allowing users to get a new iPhone annually. There is no much to this Apple iPhone Upgrade Program.

You just have to register, get a new iPhone, and pay a monthly installment for about 12 months. There is also an option you upgrade to a newer iPhone model and the 12-month cycle starts again.

So, what you have to know is that after paying the money the phone is yours. Read more on how to get started.

How Does Apple iPhone Upgrade Program Work

Signing up for the Upgrade Program is incredibly easy! All that’s required is that you are 18 years old and have a good credit score. You don’t need to already own an iPhone to register for the upgrade program.

It also doesn’t matter which carrier you’ve got, and you’ll start the program. Even though you’re in the middle of a cell service contract along with your carrier.

You can enroll by visiting Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program page, selecting the phone model you prefer. And clicking an option to enroll in the upgrade program.

As you finish the checkout process, Apple will request your current cell number and also the last four digits of your Social Security number. If you’ve got a current carrier and phone plan, Apple will contact them so you do not need to.

You’ll also keep the present number and plan rate you’ve got with your carrier. Apple will ship your new iPhone to you, and you will start making the monthly payments, no deposit required.

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program Cost

Here is the cost of the recent Apple products on the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program:

Product Payment 1 Payment 2 Payment 3
iPhone 12 Mini 64GB from $35.33 per month. 128GB from $37.41 per month. 256GB from $41.58 per month.
iPhone 12 64GB from $39.50 per month. 128GB from $41.58 per month. 256GB from $45.75 per month.
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB from $49.91 per month. 256GB from $54.08 per month. 512GB from $62.41 per month.
iPhone 12 Max 128GB from $54.08 per month. 256GB from $58.25 per month. 512GB from $66.58 per month.

If you bought a new iPhone 12 with 128 GB storage capacity and paid it off upfront. The overall cost would be $849.

When you register for the upgrade Apple payment plan, you pay $41.58 per month for a similar model. At the end of 12 months and a year of owning your iPhone 12, you’ll have paid $498.96, minus any taxes or fees.

By this time, you’ll have paid off nearly 59 percent of the price of your iPhone 12. And now you’ve got the option to upgrade to a newer model.

For many users, this looks like a fairly good deal! If you upgrade, you’ll start new monthly payments on the upgraded iPhone. And a year later you will have the option to upgrade again.

If you end up really liking your iPhone 12, you’ll instead continue making a similar payment for another 12 months. Then the iPhone 12 is yours, and you’ll have exited the upgrade program.

However, at this time over the 24-month period, you’ll have paid almost $998 for your iPhone 12. This means that you will have paid more in total than the iPhone 12 would’ve cost you if you’d paid the up-front price.

iPhone Upgrade Program Worth It?

If you prefer to have a similar iPhone for more than a year, this program might not be for you. As you see from the math’s above, if you register for the program and finish up keeping a similar phone, you’ll pay more over the two-year period.

However, if you register for the iPhone program and upgrade at least once before exiting the program. You’ll have still saved money on the iPhones you bought.

Features Of iPhone Upgrade Program

What I like about this iPhone payment plan:

  • You can get a new iPhone every year.
  • There is no need to deal with your carrier or discuss any contract details.
  • Monthly service payments to your carrier like AT&T will remain similar.
  • AppleCare+ coverage is included in your payments.
  • You will keep your existing telephone number.

Enrolling within the upgrade program is extremely simple and takes less than two minutes.


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