West African Research Association: WARA Residency Fellowships 2024 ($3,500 Stipend) | APPLY NOW

The West African Research Association (WARA), has commenced applications for its WARA Residency Fellowship Program 2024 until March 3, 2024.

WARA Residency Fellowships

West African Research Association (WARA), a non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to the promotion of research on West Africa and the diaspora, including the dissemination of accurate information on West Africa and its diasporic communities.

WARA Residency Fellowships – Overview

The WARA Residency Fellowships is a  4-8-week program that offers visiting scholars a chance to explore library research, engage in guest lecturing, and foster collaborative endeavors with American colleagues. These residencies are short-term exchanges and aren’t designed to fill faculty positions.

With funding from the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the West African Research Association offers Residencies to its member institutions, allowing them to host a West African Scholar on campus to foster transatlantic exchange and collaboration.

Benefits of participating in WARA Residency Fellowships

Participating in the WARA Residency Fellowships comes with a bundle of benefits:

  • WARA generously covers the round-trip travel costs, amounting to approximately $2500.
  • Additionally, a stipend of $3500 is provided to help scholars cover meals and local transportation costs.
  • Host institutions are encouraged to contribute further by providing housing, office space, library privileges, laboratory facilities, or other forms of support throughout the residency.

Eligibility Criteria for WARA Residency Fellowships 2024

The eligibility requirements for the Residency Fellowship include the following:

  • Applications can only be submitted by WARA member institutions, aiming to bring a specific scholar to their campus.
  • The Residency Fellowship program is open to US citizens currently enrolled in a graduate program at higher education institutions in the United States.
  • Applicants should be conversant in an African language relevant to their research location.
  • Priority is given to applicants in the pre-dissertation stage, those who will return to their institution for coursework and exams before embarking on fieldwork.
  • Please note that Individual scholar applications will not be considered.

WARA Residency Fellowships 2024 – How to Apply  

Qualified Candidates can apply for WARA Residency Fellowships following the steps below:

Step 1: Provide the name and contact information for a representative of the WARA host institution.

Write a concise 50-80 word abstract outlining the purpose of the residency, specifying the contact person at the host institution.

Step 2: Develop a detailed proposal, not exceeding six double-spaced pages. Profile the visiting scholar, articulate proposed residency activities, explain how the residency aligns with WARA’s goals, and outline the expected impact or outcome.

Specify any support that the host institution is prepared to contribute.

Step 3: Submit the curriculum vitae for the visiting scholar. Include a letter of interest from the scholar.

Obtain a letter of support from a relevant administrator (dean, department chair, etc.) at the host institution.

Furnish proof of citizenship in the form of a copy of the scholar’s passport.

For More Information, please Visit the  West African Research Association (WARA) at https://www.westafricanresearchassociation.org/fellowships/wara-residency-fellowship/

Application Deadline

The application deadline for WARA Residency Fellowships is March 3rd, 2024.

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