WAICF AI Startup Challenge 2024 – APPLY NOW

Do you own an established company that seeks to break new ground in AI, or are you a startup at the forefront of AI innovation? The World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF) AI Startup Challenge 2024 offers you a remarkable opportunity to make a significant impact in the AI community.

WAICF AI Startup Challenge 2024
WAICF AI Startup Challenge 2024

WAICF is looking for innovative and immersive AI experiences from entrepreneurs that can captivate their audience. The World AI Cannes Festival is the greatest gathering of industry leaders and AI pioneers worldwide, so get ready to spark your imagination at the festival.

Apply to secure a stand at the WAICF to increase the visibility of your business, connect with influential people in the field, interact with the media, and showcase your cutting-edge AI solutions to a tech-savvy audience. WAICF is your doorway to having a big influence on the AI community, don’t miss this opportunity.

Why join WAICF?

  • To increase awareness of your company
  • To network and meet business partners
  • Communicate with the press and journalists
  • Present your solutions to AI enthusiasts


Choose from the four (4) categories:

  • Sport & AI
  • Beauty/Wellness & AI
  • Robotics & AI
  • Gaming/AR-VR & AI

Benefits of WAICF AI Startup Challenge

The WAICF AI Startup Challenge winners will be awarded various thrilling incentives and chances to accelerate their advancement in the world of AI. Awards comprise:

  • A 4 m² booth in the vertical-specific part of the WAICF event.
  • A 15-minute presentation period is offered on both BtoB and BtoC days, allowing you to showcase your concepts and solutions to a broad group of people.
  • Double (two) passes to the WAICF competition.
  • Venture capitalists in attendance at the event have access to your profile.
  • visibility online via the media partners and channels of WAICF.
  • Potential support with trip expenditures, including hotel or flight reservations.

Criteria for WAICF AI Startup Challenge

The WAICF AI Startup Challenge 2024, is open for startups worldwide.

How to Apply 

To apply for the WAICF AI Startup Challenge, please Go to the official webpage of the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival WAICF website

Timeline for WAICF AI Startup Challenge

  • From December 4, 2023, to January 10, 2024: Commencement of registration and submission of your unique ideas on the platform
  • January 2024: Selection of the finalists
  • From February 8 – 10, 2024: Pitch to the jury panel and then announcement of winners
  • Application Deadline: January 10, 2024



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