Twitter Will Reportedly Default To Dark Mode

Twitter will reportedly default to dark mode but the social media platform will however still offer a light option. Well, this is the thinking of owner, Elon Musk. Well, it’s not that dark mode is not better in every way, but at least, let there be an option for those who think otherwise, right?

Twitter Default Dark Mode

Twitter Default Dark Mode

Just when you think that Elon Musk can’t really get any more divisive, he has reportedly weighed in on the light mode versus dark mode debate, and Twitter, which is at the moment undergoing a rebranding to X, is apparently going all in on the latter, surprised? In the early hours of this morning, Musk reportedly posted that “this platform will soon only have ‘dark mode’. It is better in every way.”

That in question immediately brought about the usual responses that you might as well expect, with a couple of people making the case that light text on black can be much more harder to read. Many on the other hand are asking Twitter to preserve a light mode option even if it gets to switch to dark mode as the default for the new design identity of X.

What Users Think of the New Dark Mode Feature

And as someone whose phone only enters a dark mode in the rarest of circumstances, that kind of looks like the right path to me. All of those apps that dynamically adjust to light or dark-based medium on your current OS setting? This is kind of the way. But I really know some strong proponents of full-time dark mode, and that kind of seems to be the direction that Musk is leaning.

Twitter at the moment is offering a few different background options that is based on the individual preference of a user as there is the light mode, which is a “dim” setting with a dark blue/gray background, and “lights out” that is full-on black on the other hand.

Twitter Android App New Makeover

The slow and gradual rebranding of Twitter to X is quite moving along as late last night, the Android app of the social media company got a makeover, with the new name as well as logo now depicted in the Google Play Store. The iOS app presumably will get to follow before long. Twitter meanwhile, is doing its very best to get back the attention of advertisers and dangling verification as an incentive for brands to spend more money on the platform.



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