NASA Is Set To Launch NASA Plus Streaming Service

NASA is set to launch the NASA Plus streaming service and if it goes to plan, it will be the latest competitor in the streaming wars. That said, you should put all of your Plus streaming services aside as this subscription-free one from NASA is about to kick things off.

NASA Plus Streaming Service

NASA Plus Streaming Service

NASA, the space agency is about to voyage into the streaming-verse. The federal space agency is now announcing a new “NASA Plus” streaming service that will be bringing the on-demand non-sci-fi space content that you crave to TVs and mobile devices anywhere and everywhere. And best of all, NASA has revealed that it will be “ad-free, no cost, and family-friendly” (via Gizmodo).

You will now be able to watch live coverage of future launches, documentaries, and even brand-new original series that the agency is producing exclusively for NASA Plus. The agency as you should know is looking to “better tell the stories of how NASA explores the unknown” and also connect with more people simply by transforming its digital presence, NASA’s associate administrator of communications, Marc Etkind, states.

When Will the Service Launch

NASA Plus as already reported will be launching “later this year,” as per the agency. That said, it will be available in all the places where you watch other services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, and it will also have a home on the brand-new beta website of the agency.

NASA’s CIO, Jeff Seaton, in a press release, states that the new beta web experience is designed to make the information of the agency “more accessible, discoverable, and secure.” The site in question will reportedly include NASA mission details, research, climate data, and many more. The site will also be the place to get up-to-date information in regard to next year’s crewed Artemis II mission.

What to Expect With NASA Plus

Once NASA Plus gets to launch officially, it will be integrated into an upgraded NASA app that is available on both iOS and Android. The app in question will also be available on streaming boxes such as Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV. NASA Plus as you should know will probably never allow you to stream Andor or Strange New Worlds, but it however will allow you to get your space fix without having to pay a single fee.

What Does the NASA App Do

Asides from the NASA Plus website and service, the space agency also has an app for smartphones, tablets as well as streaming platforms, this very app in question is free to download and utilize and it was launched back in 2011. The now updated app of the agency now offers simple and easy access to the information of the agency on everything from space missions as well as the latest images from the James Webb space telescope to earth science as well as daily press releases.



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