Samsung Is Reportedly Working On Dustproofing Its Foldable Devices

Samsung is reportedly working on dustproofing its foldable devices. And if this new rumor is true, what does it mean? Well, it is simple. If the rumor is true then it simply means that you will be able to take your next foldable phone with you when next you are going to the beach.

Samsung Dustproofing its Foldable



Samsung Dustproofing its Foldable

Dust is one of the major enemies of a folding phone and Samsung has now said that it is currently working on various measures to make its foldable devices much more resistant to dust.

TM Roh, Samsung mobile business president talked about pursuing foldable dust resistance in a recent press conference following the Unpacked event of the company in the early parts of this week, as reported by Korean outlet BizWatch and spotted by Android Authority. Roh stated that “We are well aware of consumer demand for dust proofing, and we are making various efforts to achieve this.” He then noted that Samsung added water resistance a couple of generations into its foldable line and then asked fans of the Fold series to “please wait a little longer” for that dust resistance rating.

Samsung and the Mainstream of Foldables

It is a really hard problem for phones with moving parts, but it’s, however, a hurdle that Samsung needs to clear if it ever wants to truly take the mainstream of foldables. The current folding phones of the company reportedly offer robust water resistance but at the moment do not provide any protection against dust.

Slab-style flagships as you should know usually come with an IP68 rating, thus meaning that they are certified to be resistant to both dust and even water to a certain degree; but Samsung’s foldables on the other hand are only rated IPX8 with the 8 meaning that you can fully submerge them in water, but the X here is a big old “nope” for any kind of dust resistance. The moving parts of a folding phone really make it a tough problem to crack.

Samsung Competitors Working On Dust Proof

The competitors of Samsung seem to be working on it at the moment, too: the Motorola Razr Plus as you should know comes with much lower water resistance, but its IP52 rating on the other hand signifies limited protection against dust. Samsung’s phones are not totally hopeless when it comes to dust as the hinges include brushes to help keep dust out, but for whatever reason the company has, the Flip and Fold have not come with an IP rating that reflects any level or form of dust resistance.

The Importance of Dustproof

A dustproof folding phone is really an exciting prospect and could easily and justly represent a huge step toward in bringing foldables into the mainstream. And until then, our advice remains unchanged: you shouldn’t bring your folding phone to the beach. OLED death is quite a terrible way for a phone to go.



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