Samsung Reportedly Expects Apple to Launch a Foldable iPad by 2024

Samsung reportedly expects Apple to launch a foldable iPad by 2024 and with that in mind, the iPhone flip could be further out.

Samsung Reportedly Expects Apple to Launch a Foldable iPad by 2024

Samsung Reportedly Expects Apple to Launch a Foldable iPad by 2024

If you are one of the persons disappointed with the modest upgrades recently found in the just-launched iPad Pro (2022), the iPad releases of 2024 could just be what you have been waiting for as it might be the year that we get to see the first foldable iPad from apple.

Well, that’s according to The Elec via apple insider. It claims that during a recent meeting with suppliers, Samsung said that it expects Apple to launch its very first foldable devices by 2024, but however they will initially be notebooks or tablets rather than smartphones.

You should not expect an iPhone Flip Soon But Until 2025

And effectively, if you are on the wait out for an iPhone flip, you probably should not expect anyone soon but until 2025 at the earliest. But the wait for a foldable iPad on the other hand could be a bit shorter than the iPhone flip.

And in the same meeting, Samsung apparently claimed that it expects the foldable market to grow by 80% per year by the year 2025 which also might be in part due to the predicted entry of apple into the market.

Samsung Detailed Some of the Improvements It Wants To Make To Future Foldables

Apparently, Samsung also detailed some of the improvements that it wants to make to future foldables and this is including making them more durable, having a dedicated S Pen slot on its very own devices, and in the process cutting short the prominence of the crease on the screen, making improvements to the cameras, and then making foldable devices to generally get thinner and lighter.

The Elec interestingly claims that Samsung also had wanted higher-end cameras on the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 4, but it had to abandon the thought due to thickness and weight issues.

The Camera Hardware on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Is One of Its Limitations

The camera hardware found on the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 4 is one of the main limitations of the phone particularly when it is compared to the more affordable Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra. Therefore, if the company can make improvements to the cameras in the near future, then its foldable phones could be even more tempting, and it sounds like improving cameras is a main priority for the company.


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