Garmin’s Top Running Watch Reportedly Beaten by Coros Apex 2

Garmin’s top running watch was reportedly beaten by Coros Apex 2. Reports also claim that its solar battery life also has been outdone.

Garmin’s Top Running Watch Reportedly Beaten by Coros Apex 2

Garmin’s Top Running Watch Reportedly Beaten by Coros Apex 2

The Coros Apex 2 and Coros Apex 2 Pro have been unveiled and they boast specs that will directly rival many of the top trail-running watches that are around at the moment. Coros always have been something of an underdog when compared to other giants of the same category such as Garmin and although we have not had the chance to review the watches in full just yet, it’s very much likely that at least one of them will end up being one of the best running watches if their reported specs sheets are anything close to being genuine.

Coros Apex 2 and Apex 2 Pro Features and Specs

The watches boast multi-band satellite connectivity for pinpoint accuracy and with that being said, the Coros Apex 2 and Coros Apex 2 Pro are tailor-made for tri and trail events. With a rugged raised bezel with sapphire glass and titanium-alloy case, the digital ‘knob’ [present on the side of each one of the watch is just like the same feature on the original Apex and the new apple watch ultra that is designed to be operated with gloves on while on the move.

Both of the watches are 5ATM water resistant which is suitable for surface activities such as swimming and surfing, but however not for diving, and also offer downloadable topographical maps. Plenty of the features are taken from its top-flight Vertix line down to a slightly cut-down price point and thus costing  $499 in the US, £319 in the UK, and AU$859 in Australia for the Pro and $399, £399, and then AU$699 for the Apex 2. And although the main official verdict of many experts in the field is yet to come in, the Coros Apex 2 and the Apex 2 Pro present themselves as solid entries in the sub $500 trail running watch category.

The Watches Have Great Battery Life

But if however the watches really are to shine in one particular area, then it is battery life.  The Coros Apex 2 pro claims that it will last in smartwatch mode for 30 days, while the Apex 2 on the other hand states 17 days. And with all GPS systems on the go, the watches are said to last for a huge and impressive 45 hours for the Apex 2 Pro and 30 hours for the Apex 2.


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