Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Loses Lawsuit over NASA’s Deal with SpaceX

Amazon Jeff Bezos’s blue origin loses legal lawsuit over NASA’s deal with SpaceX and starship. It is reported that the space agency, NASA, only wants to do business with Elon musk’s SpaceX in sending the Artemis astronauts to the moon. The choice by the space station has now been backed up by a federal judge.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Loses Lawsuit over NASA’s Deal with SpaceX

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Loses Lawsuit over NASA’s Deal with SpaceX

NASA is allowed to start pushing forward with its arrangement to work with SpaceX on sending Elon Musk’s Starship to the moon, almost certainly stirring up a lot of mortification for Blue Origin, the contending space organization established by Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos.

On Thursday, a federal US Court excused a claim brought against NASA by Blue Origin. The organization was provoking the space office’s choice to grant SpaceX the sole agreement to fabricate a human landing framework for NASA’s Artemis program.

Judge Richard Hertling’s Ruling

The full assessment by Judge Richard Hertling clarifying his choice hasn’t yet been freely delivered. The claim was initially documented under seal to ensure proprietary innovations and later delivered in redacted structure. The decision will go through a similar interaction, where the gatherings included propose redactions before it’s disclosed.

The ruling against Blue Beginning follows a dissent documented with the US Government Responsibility Office recently. The GAO later found that NASA hadn’t done anything wrong in choosing SpaceX over Blue Beginning and a third bidder, Dynetics.

Blue Origins Assessment of the Ruling

In an email to CNET, a blue origin spokesperson said, “our lawsuit with the court of federal claims highlighted the important safety issues with the human landing system procurement process that must still be addressed.” He added that “returning astronauts safely to the moon through NASA’s public-private partnership model requires an unprejudiced procurement process alongside sound policy that incorporates redundant systems and promotes competition.”

SpaceX hasn’t responded to a comment on the matter at the moment. Elon musk however posted a meme on Twitter in a reply to a post about the news. The meme showed an image of a character from a comic book in the person of Judge Dredd with a caption of, “you have been judged.”

What the Ruling Mean for NASA and Other Parties Involved

The decision makes room for NASA and SpaceX to continue organizing on Starship and the Artemis mission. NASA had deliberately selected to stop work on the agreement while the claim was under survey.

NASA in an emailed statement wrote that “NASA will resume work with SpaceX under the option A contract as soon as possible. There will be forthcoming opportunities for companies to partner with NASA in establishing a long-term human presence at the moon under the agency’s Artemis program.”

SpaceX however has continued in its bid to develop starship at its Boca Chica, facility in Texas. The company also is waiting currently for environmental clearance and a launch license from the federal aviation administration for the mega-rockets first orbital test flight.

When questioned about whether it plans to appeal or follow up with other legal actions regarding the issue of the human landing system.


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