Trigoxin: Trigoxin as Used in the Movie Run | The Side Effects of Trigoxin

What is Trigoxin? If you have seen the movie Run on Hulu, then you may and should have the same question as I do right now: what is Trigoxin, and is it a real drug?



Trigoxin normally is used in treating heart failure and arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms). Trigoxin treats special kinds of irregular heartbeat and also helps to control your heart rate.

In truth, there is no drug like Trigoxin, but the drug, however, is similar in name to a real-life drug known as Digoxin. According to Mayo Clinic, the drug digoxin has a similar effect as the drug Trigoxin as used in the movie ‘Run’. The drug is used in strengthening the efficiency of the heart and it is also used to control the rate and the rhythm of the heartbeat which will then lead to better blood circulation all over the body.

Trigoxin as Used in the Movie Run

In the movie, Run, Trigoxin is also a heart medication making the real-life version of it similar to it. the question everyone is asking after seeing the movie is whether the drug Trigoxin and the green pill are based on real drugs. And just as mentioned already, it seems the green pill and Trigoxin are both fictional drugs, and just as seen it does not mean that they are not based on real drugs.

The Green Pill and Its Real Life Look-Alike Drug

The green pill on the other hand as used in the movie seems to be similar to the real-life drug Lidocaine. And as seen in the movie, the pharmacist explains that the green pill is a “muscle relaxant that is prescribed to help reduce canine leg pain or leg discomfort caused by sunburns, cuts or bites.”

The pharmacist in the movie also told Chloe a character in the movie that her mom has been getting the drug for her dog. And according to John Science, the green pill in question here is likely based on real-life drug lidocaine. Lidocaine is a drug that is used on both dogs and human beings as a form of local anesthetic for sunburn, bites, and cuts.

The Side Effects of Trigoxin

The drug lidocaine also can cause numbness and this information is based on the report from the national center for biotechnology information. But while the green pill is likely based on the real-life drug lidocaine, they are fictional as used in the movie.

Lidocaine normally according to Mayo Clinic at times comes in jelly form, ointments, spray, or simply as injections into the body. With that being said, the pill form used in the movie has been a bit of a creative direction on the part of the writers.



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