How to See who Liked you on Facebook Dating

So far, the launch of the Facebook dating platform has been a success. However, you may want to know How to See who Liked you on Facebook Dating. While many may think this is not possible, it actually is and for free. Facebook for as long as I can remember has been a free platform and they continue to be.

How to See who Liked you on Facebook Dating

Facebook dating started as an online space for you to meet new people and build meaningful relationships. However, with all the updates and work, the feature seems to have evolved into so much more. Think am lying? Give it a try!

How to See who Liked you on Facebook Dating

If you have a Facebook dating profile, you can see who liked you as well as your conversations with matches. Here is how to see your likes on Facebook dating.

  • Open the FB app
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon
  • Tap on the dating (heart) icon
  • Locate the “Liked you” tab by the top of the dating home screen and tap on it

Here, you should see a list of everyone who liked you. If you do not see any, it simply means no one has liked your dating profile.

What does the Heart icon mean on Facebook Dating

Like other popular dating apps, the heart icon is used as a symbol of love. In this case, when used on the platform, it means you do like or wish to engage in a romantic relationship with the dating profile in question.

If that dating profile you sent a heart (swiped right on) sends you a heart back (also swipe right on you) you two will be matched and you can begin texting (or video calling). What are you waiting for, get out there and begin dating today for free. Here’s the push you’ve been waiting for.


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