Instagram Story Viewers – How to Access Your Instagram Story Viewers

Instagram story viewers as a whole are the total list of people who have checked and seen your Instagram story including the name of the viewer. The total number of your Instagram story viewers also includes a thing called replay, therefore enabling your viewers to see fewer views than you.

Instagram Story Viewers

So if you are in dark about what Instagram story viewers entail, it is easy, just pay rapt attention to this article as its main purpose is to shed light on it.

How to Access Your Instagram Story Viewers

There are two things that determine how you can access your Story Viewers. However, they will be explicitly explained in this section of this article. So kindly understand it and not read through the surface of this article.

The first determinant is an actively published story. To access its story, you just have to;

  • Swipe up after opening it on Instagram.

The second determinant is unpublished stories. To access its story, the steps will be stated below.

They Are;

  • Your profile icon or your profile picture should be tapped on.
  • Afterward, you should tap on the Hamburger menu.
  • Then tap Archive.
  • Your story should then be scrolled to.
  • Lastly, tap the story and swipe up.

If the above steps are followed adherently, it should give you easy access to your story viewers as you can see that the steps are really simple to follow.

How To Convert Your Instagram Story to a Highlight.

Haven taught how to access your Instagram story, we will be explaining how to convert it into a highlight, thus the steps will be stated below.

They Are;

First step: The “+” sign in the highlight section of your profile should be tapped on. However it there is no “+” sign, you should directly tap the story highlights.

Second step: Selection of the story you want to add should be made.

Third step: Enter a name for your story after the choice of your cover photo is made.

The above steps are the way to convert an Instagram story to a highlight, so been explained in that simple way, it should certainly give you an easier way of conversion.

How To Know If Someone has Viewed your Instagram Story.

One of the main and best features of Instagram is the way it allows the story publisher to see those who have viewed his or her story. Therefore if you want to know if someone has viewed your Instagram story, just make sure your profile image in the story feed is tapped on, then your shared story should be opened. Thus to understand what has been said, follow the steps below.

They Are;

  • “Seen by (simply means the number of your story viewers) will be seen on the bottom left side of the page.
  • The “Seen by #” option should be tapped on to enable you to open your story viewers.

This list is contained all of the people who have viewed your story and also informs you of the number of them that have viewed the Story. Moreover, many persons also view their Instagram stories anonymously by using tools thereby prompting you to use an Instagram story viewer application.

Thus, haven explained what an Instagram story entails, it should give you an understanding about it and make it easier for you to access its features.


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