How to Spend Valentine‘s Season if You Have Little Money

How to Spend Valentine‘s Season if You Have Little Money on you is crucial because the celebration is capital intensive.

How to Spend Valentine‘s Season if You Have Little Money
How to Spend Valentine‘s Season if You Have Little Money

First off, if you are with the wrong partner YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE HER WITH LOW CASH.  But if you have a very understanding partner, you can always enjoy valentine‘s day even if you have no money.

How to Spend Valentine‘s Season if You Have Little Money

In this article, we shall be giving a lot of suggestions that can help make your valentine‘s day as cheap as possible. If you want to enjoy valentine‘s day with your spouse without any hitches, even if you have no money, Keep reading, we have something cooking for you!

Seven Ways to Spend  Valentine‘s Day With Your Spouse On A Budget

Well, buying gifts is not the only way to make valentine‘s day special for your spouse. You can do many things on a budget if you want to enjoy valentine‘s day at a low cost. Some of these things are;

  • Go for a movie night.
  • Pack a picnic.
  • Go out with your family
  • Hide secret notes for your partner
  • Prepare some dessert
  • Make a repetition of your first date
  • Run a bubble bath for your partner

What Can You Do For Free On Valentine‘s day for your partner?

If you do not have any money at all and you still want to have the best valentine‘s day with your partner or your spouse, then consider doing the following

  • Go to a closeby beach
  • Go desert camping
  • Go for a long drive
  • Get physical with your spouse. Go for a walk, hike, etc
  • Have dinner at home
  • Listen to music or watch a movie at home
  • Play board games together
  • Visit a popular fun place for free
  • Celebrate the day earlier or later (shift the celebration till you have money)
  • Prepare a special meal

In Expensive Gifts For Your Spouse On Valentines Day

If you must get your spouse a gift, then you should consider getting him/her anyone from these 10 gifts, they are all below $25;

  • Love Map. $25 at ETSY
  • Sporty Micro Bag, $29 AT LULULEMON
  • Date Night Scratch-Off $15 AT UNCOMMON GOODS
  • Kissable Lip Masks $15 AT ULTA BEAUTY
  • Couple’s Candle $38 AT ETSY
  • Luxury Jewelry Box $8 AT AMAZON
  • Anti-Fog Glasses Spray $11 AT AMAZON
  • Anniversary Keychain $9 AT ETSY
  • Chic Shoulder Bag $25 AT COTTON: ON
  • Pic Pillow $20 AT COLLAGE.COM
  • Pretty Lil Studs $14 AT CATBIRD
  • A Steamy Novel $7 AT WALMART
  • Candy Set $30 AT BLOOMINGDALE’S

Most Popular Gift Everyone Should Like

Suppose you don‘t know what to get for your spouse on valentine‘s day. You can get this for him/her. Chocolates have always been something that is generally acceptable to everyone. You can rarely find anyone that does not like chocolates. So if you are very low on cash during valentine‘s day. It won‘t hurt to purchase a bar of chocolates for your spouse.

What Do You do On Valentines Day If You Don’t Have a Val or a Partner?

Not having a partner on valentines day doesn’t mean you spend the rest of the day being sad. That is why you got you right? Yes, you should understand you are priceless and the absence of something or someone in your life should not bring down your value. With that being said, if you don’t have a Val on Valentine’s

  • Make the day about yourself.
  • Get a massage.
  • Go to a day spa.
  • Take a hot bath or shower.
  • Read a Book or some magazines.
  • Do Meditation or breathing exercises.
  • Watch some movies or TV shows that you love.
  • Listen to music having a drink of your choice. You can decide to take a hot chocolate.

In all, ensure you make yourself happy on that day.

What Should a Girl Do on Valentine’s Day?

Here are romantic ideas and cute activities you should do as a girl on Valentine’s day:

  • Start a couple of Bucket lists.
  • Slow dance to your song with your partner if possible.
  • Recreate your first date.
  • Stay in a suite.
  • Eat breakfast in bed.
  • Stay up all night.
  • Eat a Fancy Dinner out.
  • Take a bubble bath.

With this, your day will turn out to be an amazing one!

Is It Ok Not to Have a Val on Valentine’s Day? 

Well, there is no rule that says you need to celebrate or even acknowledge Valentine’s day. And there is no rule that says you must celebrate the day with a partner. Note, February 14th is just one day of the year and you should not kill or border yourself over anything that will make you unhappy.


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