Where Is Facebook Dating Icon On – Why Is My Facebook Dating Icon Not Working Well?

Where Is Facebook Dating Icon On? When it comes to using Facebook dating, knowing some settings is crucial and among them is the dating icon. You may be inquisitive about where you can find the dating icon to use and what it entails, it’s not complex.

Where Is Facebook Dating Icon On

If you’re in the dark about all that this entails and want to know more, it’s simple. Follow tactically as this is the main essence of this article.

Where Can I Find The Facebook Dating Icon?

There are specific icons, more than one on the Facebook dating site, but there’s one with the shape of a “heart” or “X* which you must tap on to suggest dating and start conversing. This is where it’s located and how you can do it:

  • On your facing dating profile, check the right top corner of your screen, and gently click on it. In case you don’t understand what your profile is, it’s your personal information containing your name, location, number, interests, and so on, and is visible to others on the dating site.

What Are The Other Important Facebook Dating Icons?

Has gotten what the Facebook icon will be imperative for you to know and use, especially since they are all intertwined. I will give them below.

These are:

  1. We have the heart icon mainly used to like a profile or agree to a date and is done by swiping right.
  2. The X icon is to tell that you’re not interested in the person, swipe left if that’s the case.
  3. The star icon is to tell that you’ve earlier said “yes” to a person’s profile, it’s a super swipe.
  4. You can use the envelope icon to send a message even before swiping left, it’s a swipe note.
  5. The location icon is used to access facebook’s dating passport features and to swipe in other locations.
  6. The undo button also exists, you can use it to change your last swiping selection, and only limited when it’s now a match.
  7. Finally, the chat icon. It’s used to access matches, chats, and features such as “liked me”.

Can The Facebook Dating Icon Be Deleted?

Not, it cannot be deleted. Majorly because it is built-in software that cannot be undone. But if you think you don’t need it, just leave it and don’t use it until when needed.

Why Is My Facebook Dating Icon Not Working Well?

If you’re having issues like this, it can be due to a lot of causative factors but you should have these important tips and countermeasures in mind.

They are as follows:

  • It could be that your Facebook dating is outdated, install the upgraded version.
  • It can signify the presence of a virus, so delete all malware/viruses.
  • You can refresh the site if that’s the case.
  • Check your internet connection. If it’s not on, the icon won’t work.

Haven understood what the Facebook dating icon is and where it is, you should maximize it and have no issues.


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