Detail is Giving Podcasts a TikTok Like Twist

The podcast creation app Detail has launched a new multicam feature designed to enhance video podcasts for sharing on social media.

Detail is Giving Podcasts a TikTok Like Twist
Detail is Giving Podcasts a TikTok Like Twist

The podcast recording and editing app Detail is meeting the rising demand for video podcasts by introducing a new multicam recording feature.

Detail is Giving Podcasts a TikTok-Like Twist

Users have the option to record using two iPhones simultaneously, resulting in a vertical video with two stacked shots. This format is specifically designed for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, which have gained significance within the podcasting realm.

Enhancing the Visual Appeal of Podcasts: Detail’s Multicam Feature

Video podcasts have seen a surge in popularity, primarily due to the increased shareability of video podcast clips on social media compared to audio-only content. Podcasts like Call Her Daddy have leveraged vertical video to create viral moments. However, conventional clips typically switch between the host and guest, whereas Detail’s new feature enables both to be present in the same shot simultaneously.

This new tool, available at no cost, allows two users to synchronize their phones, resulting in a notably cleaner shot compared to a typical Zoom call. However, this feature has certain constraints. It solely functions when both users are in close proximity, making it unsuitable for remote podcast recordings, which is a common practice.

Nonetheless, offering a multicam setup to a wider audience represents progress for podcast creators. Given the ongoing challenge of podcast discovery, anything that sets a show apart from the rest can be beneficial.

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