It’s Now Officially OK to Play Games While on a Microsoft Teams Call

It’s now officially OK to play games while on a Microsoft Teams call as in-app games are now on their way to Microsoft teams.

It’s Now Officially OK to Play Games While on a Microsoft Teams Call

It’s Now Officially OK to Play Games While on a Microsoft Teams Call

You can now lay games while you are at work all from within the interface of Microsoft teams. And just as explained by Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams VP, it is more than just a bit of a jolly.

According to Nicole’s post on the Microsoft 365 blog, interaction through play is crafted to tackle most of the biggest challenges of the hybrid workspace and this is including “struggling to build trust, create connections, and improve team morale.”

And while gaming may not be a traditional approach to workplace team building, available research however does suggest that it could have a positive effect on the relations of colleagues.

Workers Saw A 20% Increase in Productivity Following Participation According To Research

The post made cites research that claims that workers saw a 20% increase in productivity following participation in “traditional team-building activities”. The new Game for work app was reportedly developed with the help of a division of Xbox and it allows for up to 250 players in one single session. Something that is really refreshing about this in today’s age is the fact that the games available will be ad-free.

Microsoft Is Advertising Four Games Each With Their Own Educational Twist

Right from launch, Microsoft is advertising four games each with its very own educational twist. A variation on ‘this or that’, IceBreakers also presents two options to a question that is crafted to help facilitate communication while Minesweeper is made to harness collaboration and problem-saving between colleagues.

And as also added in the new Games for Work package as part of the collaboration software of Microsoft are Wordament and Solitaire collection in addition to Survey tools Kahoot and Polly which has been described by the company as ‘social apps’.

Games for Work Is Set To Roll Out

Games for Work for now is set to roll out to Microsoft teams enterprise and education customers as a limited pilot scheme thus collecting data on just how it is used before considering a wider and vast public rollout.


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