Google Drive Is Reportedly Making It Faster For Users to Share Files

Google Drive is reportedly making it faster for users to share files with the people that they relate to and talk to frequently as share suggestions are now being added to the platform (Google drive).

 Google Drive Is Reportedly Making It Faster For Users to Share Files

Google Drive Is Reportedly Making It Faster For Users to Share Files

Tech Company, Google, at the moment is making it way easier for users to share files with their colleagues as per an entry on the blog of the company, with suggested contacts now being available right from the share sheet beginning today.

In a bid to improve collaboration and productivity, Google Workspace has now included a new row of suggested contacts just below the field that usually you would use to type the name or email address of a contact which is set to change dynamically depending on the person that you share with the most.

The Company Has Started to Roll out The Update

The company already has started to roll out the update in question although it may take around two weeks for some of its users to see the changes, and that will be if they are even able to due to the fact that its only Legacy G and workspace accounts that will be getting the new suggestions bar. Personal accounts for the now at least will have to do without the change.

And besides the update, Google has been busy making changes to its hare sheet over the past couple of weeks.

Google Added the Option to Control Sharing Expiry Earlier This Month

Google earlier this month added the option to control sharing expiry at the moment or point of sharing a supposed file. Users prior to this would have to share a file and then re-visit the sharing pane in order to amend permissions, and now that it’s rolled out to some workspace business customers, workers now can set up the permissions more smoothly.

Other Tech Companies Are Also Making Changes to Their Platform

Google at the moment is not the only tech company to be making changes to how users share their files on its platform. Techradar Pro last month reported that Microsoft also could be making changes and tweaks to its process.


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