Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development

Flutter is an open-source development kit that enabled smooth and cross-platform mobile app development. With a flutter, you can build high-quality natively compiled apps for iOS and Android without having to write the code for the two apps separately.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development
Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development

Flutter presents lots of benefits for app development. Why should you choose Flutter for your App Development? Find out in the course of this article.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your App Development

It was announced previously that there has been an increase in the Usage of Flutter. More than 2 million developers are using this tool for app development since the toolkit was released in the year 2018.

What is Flutter?

Before the development of Flutter, app development was rather expensive and stressful. Apps were built primarily with C/Swift and Java/Kotlin as their primary languages. You had to make two different apps. This means that you would have to do twice the work.

To help mitigate all the problems that come with the usage of these languages, a framework was constructed comprising toolkits such as Phonegap, Xamarin, React Native, and more. The Flutter framework has become more popular among developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and users.

What are the Uses of Flutter?

The solution, Flutter is one of the best solutions to develop mobile applications for both Android and iS. The smartphone version of these apps functions as the real native apps on both Apple and Android devices and they are compiled for the respective platform before they are published.

Flutter is used by Google for several modules of the Google Assistant and the User interface of the Google Home hub. Flutter has also been used by other well-known e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba to give their mobile and web apps a Uniform look.

Which Programming Language Does Flutter Use

Flutter SDK is based on the Dart programming language, it is also developed by Google. One of its intents is to supplant classic javascript. Dart programs cannot run smoothly or directly on a server. While in the browser, they are converted to javascript using the Dart2js transcompiler.

Apps for Google’s new platform, Fuschia are developed directly with Dart. The structure of the Dart programing language is very simple compared to that of object-oriented programming languages such as java or C#

Flutter Principle

Flutter technology is a widget-based technology. This means that you can apply object-oriented programs to any form of the element.

One of the benefits of using Flutter is that you can modify or customize widgets with ease.

Flutter is an open-source framework that has attracted a broad and active community of developers since it was released. The community of developers publishes usable code examples and supports developers in creating new, innovative, and beautiful cross-platform programs.

Reasons Why Mobile App Developers Should Use Flutter

The following are the major reasons why developers should use Flutter for app development;

It is Easy to Learn and Use

Mobile app development has been made super easy with the use of Flutter. Flutter can also be learned very quickly and easily by mobile developers.

With the help of Flutter, you can create very beautiful and functional mobile apps without the use of coding.

Furthermore, flutter offers training to its users. It can be seamlessly integrated with low-end devices.

Flutter Develop Mobile Apps That Are Versatile

Flutter comes with lots of widgets that can be customized and combined to build mobile applications. To provide users with a native experience, these widgets are designed to provide users with eye-catching user interfaces. You can also create your widgets with Flutter based on your type of preferences.

Flutter is a Framework That Can Be used to develop Mobile Apps that are very Reactive

Flutter uses a particular framework to develop mobile applications. The high-tech development kits by flutter allow you to modify the user interface without having to manually update your UI content. You can update your user interface by changing variables. However, it is not possible to completely remove them. Whenever your variable is changed, the User interface will automatically update.

Provides A Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

Flutter is a framework having its widgets, and it is independent of the platform, allowing you to create mobile applications as fast as possible and as easily as possible. Flutter allows you to develop on native iOS and Android platforms simultaneously, therefore eliminating the need to write separate codes.

All you need is to create one codebase to run your application across multiple platforms.

Inbuilt Animation Library

This is one very important and amazing feature of flutter. All apps are incomplete without animations, The major aim of adding animations to mobile apps is to improve the user experience and make them more appealing.

With Flutter, developers have access to a built-in animation library to make their applications more appealing visually.

Eliminates The Need to Integrate with Third Parties

Flutter has multiple inbuilt libraries for mobile app development. The flutter platform allows people to test, and navigate stateful management, UI rendering elements, etc. Therefore, with Flutter, third-party integrations are not necessary.

Adding Scanning Capabilities to Mobile Apps

The Flutter scanner tool, which includes barcode scanning, QR code scanning, optical character recognition, and advanced data extraction features that can process data from documents and identify invoices can be used by developers to create mobile apps.

What Apps were Made Using Flutter?

Some of the apps created using flutter technology are;

Google Adwords

Google Adwords manager is an app that helps you manage google Adwords campaigns with your smartphone. You can track your ad output from anywhere and not just from your workplace. It is very easy to use and appealing.


Lunching can be used to order food from anywhere using your smartphone. It is a very popular method used for delivering food. With this app, a user can make bulk payments or pay in smaller instalments if they are paid users.


This app was developed with the help of the Flutter Framework. This application was designed to help customers monitor their water usage. With this app, you can create recurring targets, track your water consumption history and get a reminder when it’s time to consume again.


There are over 1600 global cryptocurrencies in the world that are monitored and tracked with this mobile app. These currencies include Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.

Flutter cryptograph smartphone apps provide users with very real-time information in the form of currency exchange rate maps, allowing people to monitor the historical market movement of their chosen cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flutter a Good Choice?

Flutter is a very good choice when it comes to cross-platform development with the inclusion of websites and mobile app development.

Is Flutter Good for Big Projects?

Using Flutter for your large projects is a very good idea or decision because it helps you with better performance and optimized time spent by building cross-platform applications for various types of OS platforms and screens.

What Are the Three 3 Disadvantages of Flutter?

Some of the major cons of Flutter are;

  • Apps made with Flutter tend to be heavy
  • Some browsers do not support flutter-based apps
  • It does not have a very huge resource base because it has not been around for quite a while.
  • Dart is not a popular language, Flutter forces you to learn how to use it if you want to ever work with Flutter.

Why Is Flutter Better Than Its Competitors?

The main reason why people choose flutter over native iOS or Android is that it allows developers to just use one particular codebase for both platforms.



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