Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA – APPLY NOW!

Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA. Suppose you have the intention of going into the United States of America on the terms of work. There is one job that could be very easy for you to do.

This is the job of a Gardener in the United States of America with a VISA sponsorship. Get full information about this job and how to get it by reading this article to the very end.

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Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA

The Job of a Gardener seems to be very easy but has some technicalities in it. before talking about the process of getting employment with VISA sponsorship as a Gardener, let’s understand the full concept of being a Gardner.

Who is a Gardener?

A gardener is a person who grows flowers in a garden. The job of a gardener transcends the growing of plants. These people tend, design, and care for flowers in a garden.

The next part of this article contains the duties and responsibilities of a gardener.

Companies Sponsoring Foreign Gardeners in USA

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are lots of companies in the United States of America looking for workers like these.

The list below contains some companies currently searching for talent for this position;

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City of Wichita

The City of Wichita is offering a job for the position of Gardener to perform park maintenance. The benefits attached to this job include; AD&D Insurance, Dental Insurance, Dependent health insurance coverage, Disability insurance, an employee assistance program, a flexible spending account, etc.

The estimated salary for this job is $35.3K – $44.7K a year.

RDO Equipment Co.

This company is looking for a lawn and Garden Mobile Maintenance person to perform full-time duties. The benefits of this job include up to a $2500 sign-on bonus for a limited time only.

Requirements to Become a Gardener

To become a gardener in the United States of America, you must have the following requirements

  • A high school degree
  • Good experience as a gardener in your home country
  • Familiarity with landscaping design
  • Knowledge of state health and safety regulations for landscaping
  • You must have the stamina and ability to lift heavy objects
  • The ability to stay standing for an extended period
  • Understanding of regional plant life
  • Knowledge of pests and how to eliminate and avoid them
  • Extensive knowledge of synthetic and natural fertilizers
  • Love the outdoors and plant life.

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Duties or Responsibilities of a Gardener

If you want to work as a gardener in a company in the United States of America, you should expect to perform any of the following duties;

  • They maintain and grow a garden to ensure it meets the specific requirements and expectations of a company.
  • They perform basic maintenance procedures such as cutting the grass, emptying waste bins, weed control measures, and leaf raking
  • Gardeners plant and nurture new trees, flowers, and various plants
  • They guide the management on matters that relate to a garden.
  • Gardeners advise managers on the cost of plants and garden necessities with very detailed written quotations and reports
  • They ensure a very safe environment for staff and clients by adhering to the safety and health regulations of the nation
  • Gardeners work with hand tools and basic light machinery such as plants vehicles, and small diggers
  • Gardeners service all garden equipment and machinery
  • They maintain a very clean garden by clearing rubbish and litter from the ground of the gardens.

Skills Required by the Role of a Gardener

To play the role of a Gardener with effectiveness, you must possess the following skills;

  • A knowledge of plants and how to care for them
  • Practical skills
  • You must have the ability to understand and follow health and safety regulations
  • You must have the ability to work either alone or with a team.
  • You must be able to enjoy working outdoors.

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Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA
Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA

Where to Find a Gardener Job in USA

To find any job in the United States of America from your home country, you must search online for a job.

To easily get a job online, use some validated global job searching or listing websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

With these websites, you can search for any type of job in any part of the world.

Some of these websites will require you to create a formal account and have a profile. This profile is usually created in a very professional way to attract employers.

The next part of this article describes how to get this job with these websites.

How to Apply for a Gardener Job with VISA Sponsorship In USA

Let’s take LinkedIn for example. If you have created an account the right way, you must have been getting suggestions on jobs related to your field of work.

If you want to know how to get the right results on LinkedIn, read our article on how to monetize Linkedin.

Follow these steps to apply for a job on LinkedIn;

  • Firstly, you must make sure you have all the requirements needed to get a job as a gardener.
  • After that, create a good cv and cover letter.
  • Now search for a job on any of the websites named above.
  • After getting results from the search, visit the official websites of the job to get more information about the job and its requirements.
  • Now, apply for the job with the documents required as stated on the website.

You will be contacted by the recruiter of the job if you are qualified for the job.

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Salary of Gardener in USA

Averagely, in the USA, Gardeners earn an average of $17.61 per hour. If you have this type of Job in the United States of America, you might earn higher or lower than this. The figures given in this article are just averages.

VISA For a Gardener

If you want to go to the United States to work as a farmer, you could make use of a VISA called the H-2A temporary agricultural VISA. It is a nonimmigrant VISA that allows foreigners to enter the US to carry out agricultural work temporarily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom Does a Gardener Work With?

Gardeners can work in places having flowers as part of their environmental display such as

  • Farmhouses
  • Greenhouses
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Tech companies, etc.

What Makes a Good Gardener?

The qualities of a good gardener are;

  • You must enjoy working outside in all types of weather
  • You must be able to adapt to lots of practical tasks
  • The ability to do hard, physical work like digging, lifting, and carrying
  • You must have a teamwork spirit.
  • You must be able to follow plans and drawings from landscape designers and architects.

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Who Needs Sponsorship to Work in the US?

Anyone that comes to the United States of America for temporal employment, qualifies for a non-immigrant visa. Most of these Visas will require sponsorship for employment.

At What Age Can I Work on a Farm?

Any young person aged 13 – 18 can work on the farm once they have conducted a risk assessment of the work they are likely to do on the farm.



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