Visual Merchandiser Jobs In USA with VISA Sponsorship – APPLY NOW!

Visual Merchandiser Jobs In USA with VISA Sponsorship. There are many ways to move into the United States. Some of these are through fully funded scholarships for students and by sponsoring yourself for a short duration of time.

Visual Merchandiser Jobs in the United States with VISA Sponsorship

One of the easiest ways to move into the United States of America is through VISA sponsorship. Some people find it the easiest because it almost completely relieves the receptor of his or her travel expenses. It aids easy entrance too.

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Visual Merchandiser Jobs In USA with VISA Sponsorship

You can go into the United States on the account of working for an employer. That way, your employer takes responsibility for your moving into the country.

To do this, you have to first become a professional in your field of work. You must meet the various requirements needed to be employed by a company in the United States.

Who is a Visual Merchandiser

A visual Merchandiser is a professional that deals in creating and maintaining displays to make products visually appealing to customers. These people also keep an eye on the current trends to keep things relevant to shoppers.

Take a look at the list below to understand the various duties you will be carrying out when you assume a role as a Visual Merchandiser.

Duties of a Visual Merchandiser

The duties and responsibilities of a Visual merchandiser are;

  • They design, design and implement a creative visual merchandising strategy.
  • These people create an appealing and eye-catching visual display that leads customers through a business’s entire display store.
  • These people produce window displays, signs, interior displays, floor plans, and special promotions displays.
  • They identify key messages and set a clear image of the result of a product
  • Visual merchandisers research lifestyle, demographics, and design trends.

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Requirements and Qualifications Required to Become a Visual Merchandiser

To become a visual Merchandiser, you must possess the following required qualifications;

  • A BS degree in Visual Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, Exhibition design, Visual communications, or any other similar fields.
  • Proficiency in Photoshop, illustrator, or other Visual design tools
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Knowledge of the current visual merchandising Trends and best practices
  • You must have proven work experience as a Visual Merchandiser or a Visual Manager
  • You must have Demonstratable Visual Design Skills with a very strong portfolio.
  • To be a visual Merchandiser, you must have the ability to analyze sales merchandising reports and survey results

Skills Required to be a Visual Merchandiser

Apart from your qualifications and specializations, you must have the following skills to become a visual merchandiser;

  • A flair for creativity
  • Talent for design, color, and style
  • A very strong interest in the current and future design trends
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills
  • The Ability to work well with various teams
  • The Capacity to work with Constructive criticism

Where to Find a Visual Merchandiser Job in USA

It might be very difficult to get a job in the United States because you are not physically resident in the United States. To get a job in the United States as a Visual Merchandiser from your own country, apply online.

Applying online is the best way to reach out to these companies. To get a job online, make use of Global and reputable online job listing websites. Some of these websites are;

Some of these websites require that you create an account with a very attractive and professional profile containing information about your qualifications and your portfolio.

Use these websites as very good opportunities to sell yourself online to these American companies.

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How to Apply for a Visual Merchandiser Job in the United States

After approaching these sites, you automatically have access to a wide range of companies having vacancies in the role of a visual merchandiser. Follow the tips below to apply for these jobs;

  • Firstly, make sure you are qualified for the job. Get all the qualifications given in this article as regards Visual Merchandisers.
  • Now, create a very compelling CV, resume, and cover letter.
  • If you have followed the registration processes at LinkedIn as a Visual merchandiser, you will start getting job suggestions as soon as possible. if you do not have any suggestions, search manually for Visual merchandiser jobs in the USA with Visa sponsorship
  • Now, before applying for any of the jobs, visit the individual websites of the search results to be sure that you met all the requirements and qualifications for the job.
  • Now, apply with your professional cover letter, CV, and Resume as requested by the company.

If you are shortlisted for an interview, you will be contacted for one.

Interview Questions of Visual Merchandisers

To be properly prepared for any interview, you have to be acquainted with sample interview questions in your area of work. Below are some sample interview questions for Visual Merchandisers;

Which Of Your Projects Shows Off Your Creativity to The Max?

As a professional, you should be able to show off your skills to the greatest capacity. By showing them your best performance and the positive reaction of your clients, you can win their hearts over.

How Do You Best Incorporate Special Promos or Pricing?

Such questions are meant to test your management abilities. Tell them exactly what they want to hear. Give them previous events when you used promos to make your customers happy and the total or overall result of that act.

How Do You Make the Most of Your Visual Merchandising Budget?

This question is asked to test your financial management abilities. Your answers should showcase your ability to manage your budgets to suit your projects.

Which Brands Are Your Biggest Inspiration?

With the answer to this question, you are meant to show your clients that you are not mono-inspirational but versatile in your inspiration. Mention a collection of outstanding brands and how they inspire you.

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Salary of a Visual Merchandiser

You will be able to earn a very decent salary in the United States of America as a Visual merchandiser. Averagely, Visual merchandisers in the USA earn $38,000 – $40,000 per year. This will translate to $18 – $20 per hour.

Companies offering VISA Sponsorship for Visual Merchandisers

To help make your search a bit easier, here are some companies currently offering jobs to Visual Merchandisers in the USA;


H&M is a leading fashion company in the United States of America having a fun collaborative and inclusive team environment. They are looking for a full-time Visual Merchandiser role. By taking this job, you will get other amazing incentives apart from your normal wage

Freedom Furniture

At Freedom furniture, the Visual merchandiser will be in charge of making sure that everyone who visits the store will have a truly remarkable experience of shopping. The full details of the job description will be given in a link below;

Cotton On Group

There are lots of benefits attached to this role. This group has a team of 20,000 all over the world comprising people who love to think big and have fun along the way.  This role involves Delivering monthly visual directives and executing event set-ups and new store openings.

Country Road Map

As a visual merchandiser in this company, you will work closely with the store management teams and visual management teams. You will ensure the implementation of high-quality windows and in-store merchandise across all departments.


Rebel is offering a part-time role in Visual Merchandising. This will be an opportunity for you to use your VM skills and land creative flair to give people in-store experience.

To get more information about these jobs and companies, visit this link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Visual Merchandising Entail?

As a Visual Merchandiser, you will specialize in the following;

  • In-store displays.
  • Interactive displays.
  • Installation of the windows.
  • Price Tickets
  • Point of sale displays.
  • Price tickets.
  • Promotional or seasonal displays.
  • Posters

What Are The 5 Most Important Elements of Visual Merchandising?

The five major elements of visual merchandising are;

  • Landscaping
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Communication
  • Décor

What is VISA Sponsorship?

It is the process of sponsoring the procedures of someone else VISA. It is mostly done in the situation of employer/employee relationships.

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