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Are you building your skills to become a Data Analyst and make yourself some cool cash? What if I tell you there is a way to make more money in your field? Getting Data analyst jobs in the United States with a VISA sponsorship is the surest way to get yourself in the United States and make more money in the U.S currency without crashing your savings.

Data Analyst Jobs in the United States with VISA Sponsorship

Data Analyst Jobs in the United States with VISA Sponsorship

Want to know how to do that? Read this article to the very end to get all the information that you desire.

Let’s start with a proper definition of the term, ‘data analyst’

Who is a Data Analyst

The term Data Analyst was a very familiar word but I had no meaning attached to it like many of my readers today. Let’s unravel the mystery;

A Data Analyst is a professional whose duty is to clean, gather and study data sets to help solve problems. These people work in so many industries, including business, finance, criminal justice, science, medicine, and government.

Duties of a Laundry Attendant

Data analysts do a lot, day to day to help gather and interpret data sets;

Here are the major daily duties of a Data analyst;

  • They collect data by conducting surveys, tracking visitor behavior on a company’s website, and buying data sets from data collection specialists.
  • They help to clean out data. This means maintaining the quality of data in a spreadsheet or programming language so that interpretations cannot be gotten wrong.
  • Data analysts model data by creating and designing the structures of a database.
  • They interpret data. This includes finding patterns or trends in data that will help you answer all the questions at your hand.
  • They communicate the results of their findings in charts and graphs, writing reports and presenting information to interested parties.

Requirements and Qualifications Required to Become a Data Analyst

To become a Data analyst, you will need the following qualifications;

  • You must have a degree in the field you want to work in.
  • All data analysts must know programming languages such as Python, java, R, etc
  • You must have a good knowledge of the operation of data analysis tools. These tools include SQL, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, and IBM SPSS.
  • Understanding statistics and Machine learning algorithms
  • You must have an understanding of the Data visualization tools

Skills Required to be a Data Analyst

To play the role of a Data analyst, you must have the following workplace and background Skills;

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills
  • knowledge of the industry in which you work in
  • Good computer-related skills
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Good leadership skills

Tools Used by a Data Analyst

The major tools used by Data analysts are;

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • R or Python
  • SAS
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Jupyter Notebooks

What Type of Work VISAs Do Data Analyst Need

If you want to go to the United States of America to work as a data analyst, you must get a USA H-1B VISA. This VISA is a nonimmigrant VISA that enables companies in the United States to employ graduate-level workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise.

Areas of work such as IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine, etc. can use this type of VISA

Where to Find a Data Analyst Job in The United States

To find a job in the United States of America from your country, it’s best to search online. There are various ways to search online. One of which is to make use of websites specifically set aside for listing job openings and connecting employers to their prospective employees.

Some of these websites will require real-time dedication. You will have to create an account and optimize it with the best strategies.

Websites like LinkedIn can be monetized in certain ways too by infusing your resume, your cv, and your portfolio.

Indeed, is another website that has job suggestions from various parts of the world.

How to Apply for a Data Analyst job in the United States

To apply for the job of a data analyst, follow the steps below;

  • Start by getting the right education and qualifications for the job.
  • After that, construct a very good resume and cover letter.
  • When you have done that, visit the websites whose links are above.
  • After which you can search for jobs with the keyword ‘Data Analyst Jobs in the United States with VISA Sponsorship’
  • When you get suggestions from these websites, visit the individual websites of the job postings to get a good idea of the requirements for the job
  • After you have done that, select the best jobs that suit you and apply for them
  • Now, wait to be contacted by the recruiters of these jobs.

If you are truly qualified for these jobs, you will be invited for an interview.

Salary of a Data Analyst

The average annual salary for Data Analysts in the United States of America in 2022 is $63,885. This is the lowest average given by statistic bodies for Data analysts in the year 2022. The actual prices for individual jobs can be more or less than this.

Companies offering VISA Sponsorship for Data Analysts in the United States

Here are a few companies in the United States offering U.S. VISA sponsorship to Data analysts;

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

This body is looking for a division support analyst to work on a full-time basis. The duties of this personnel will include providing analytical operations and administrative support for division management and assisting conflict officers amongst others.

The salary for this job ranges from $57,000 – $71,000 a year


Caterpillar is in search of a Data Analyst to work on locating and obtaining data from various internal and external sources amongst other duties. There are many benefits attached to this job. The salary for this job is $85,000 a year.

Valon Mortgage

Valon Mortage is looking for a Data Analyst to work on a full-time basis. the benefits of this job include commuter assistance, dental insurance, health insurance, visa sponsorship, etc. the salary for this position ranges from $86.1K – $109K

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is looking for a regulatory data analyst to work full-time. The benefits of this job include 401k, dental insurance, health insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, etc. the salary for this job is estimated to be $78.4K – $99.2K a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Top online Global Job listing websites?

The top job listing websites and boards in the world are;

  • Indeed, Job Search.
  • Glassdoor Jobs.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Google for Jobs.
  • Monster.
  • ZipRecruiter.
  • Simply Hired.
  • CareerBuilder

Which Visa Allows You to Work In the USA?

The H1-B Visa is the type of visa to aim for if you are coming to the United States to perform service in a pre-arranged professional job.

Are there Jobs for Data Analyst in the United States?

Of course, they are. Come companies are willing to offer sponsorship to foreigners who are qualified and willing to take these jobs.

How Many Years Does It Take to Become a Data Analyst?

It will take between 3 to 4 years to get the bachelor’s degree required to become a data analyst. A master’s degree or an MBA can be completed in less than two years and a post-master certificate can take less than one year.

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