Dell Drops the Xbox Series S Price to an All-Time Low of $235

Dell drops the Xbox Series S price to an all-time low of $235 with this black Friday deal. You just cannot beat this very price on the all-digital compact next-gen console from Microsoft but it probably will not last for long.

Dell Drops the Xbox Series S Price to an All-Time Low of $235

Dell Drops the Xbox Series S Price to an All-Time Low of $235

The countdown to Black Friday is already on and at the moment retailers are cutting down the prices on tons of products. Gamers on the other hand who have been holding out on purchasing the Xbox Series S may now finally want to pull the trigger as Dell has now beaten out all other retailers such as Best Buy, Microsoft, and Target, who dropped the price to $250 and is now selling the console for an all-time low of just $235. And in comparison that is an extra $15 off the prices of competitors.

The Series S Is Not Just Only One of the Cheapest Consoles on the Market Right Now

The Series S is not just only one of the cheapest consoles on the market right now but it is also more compact than the Series X and it is all digital which simply means that you can cut down on the clutter that is caused by the physical game disks. And while the Series S plays at 1440p instead of the true 4K resolution; it makes a tiny little bit of difference which probably will not matter to many casual gamers.

The Console Also Comes With 512GB of Storage Space

The console also comes with 512GB of storage space. But if in the event that you find out that you are running low with an all-digital game library you can always get an expansion card for additional pace. Additionally, it’s worth considering that with the $10 Xbox Game pass monthly subscription you just might not need to purchase any games at all, but it all depends on your personal preferences.

A Previous Deal on the Xbox Series S Included a Free Gift Card

A previous deal on the Xbox Series S that included a free gift card quickly sold out and we also expect this deal to do the same. With that being said, you should make your selection quickly if ever you want to get the console at this great price.


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