Google Podcasts: Discover Free and Trending Podcasts Using Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts lets you find and listen to the world’s podcasts for free. With Google Podcasts, you can play the latest episodes from your favorite shows, explore podcast recommendations just for you, and also manage your listening activity.

With the service from Google, you can stay up to date on your favorite podcasts and it is for free. However, to use the Podcast service from Google, you need to have a Google account. But if you already have an account, then accessing it will be so much easier and faster.

You can learn from the Google Podcasts page, however, read on let’s discuss briefly what the service is and what it does.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

The Google Podcast is a productivity app that is developed by Google and was released on June 18, 2018, for Android devices. Google Cast was added to the service in September 2018.

According to Wikipedia; “At Google I/O 2019, Google announced a web version of Google Podcasts for iOS, Android and Windows. The iOS version launched in March 2020”.

However, the redesign was made to the app using Google’s in-house design language Material Design in November 2019. Google Assistant is compatible with the service, so when you need a Podcast, all you need to do is to tell Google Assistant to play the one you want.

Without wasting much time, let’s have a do at what exactly you can do with the app installed into your device.

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Google Podcasts App

The app being the mobile version of the web is free, simple, and fast to use. It can be gotten from the App Store or Play store for free. It comes with a really great interface that makes it easy to use and understand.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with Google Podcast;

Discover Podcasts you will love;

  • Using it, you can subscribe and listen to all your favorite podcasts for free.
  • Discover or Explore shows and episode recommendations just for you.
  • Browse popular and trending shows in news, sports, TV & Film, Music, Business, Education comedy, and many others.

Customize Your Listening Experience;

  • Listen to faster playback speeds or skip over silences.
  • Queue up episodes for a seamless listening experience.
  • Easily keep track of your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions.

Listen wherever you are;

  • Listen on multiple devices including laptop, phone, smart speaker without even losing your place.
  • Auto download shows to listen offline and on the go.
  • Discover podcasts using Google Search and Google Assistant.

There is so much you can do with the app, however, you need to download and install the app.

Google Podcast App Download

To download the app, follow the steps instructions below;

  • Open the App Store of your smart device and type in Google Podcasts.
  • Then select the first Podcasts app on the list to load the information page.
  • Tap “Install” from the Google Podcasts page.

Podcasts will be downloaded and then immediately installed into your device if you have a good data or Wi-Fi connection.

How to Listen to Podcasts on Google Podcasts

Using the service for listening to podcasts is very easy and can be done if you already a Google account. Or you can start by creating a Google account.

To listen to Podcasts on your smartphone, after installing the app, launch it. Then ask Google Assistant to play a specific Podcast. Search for a podcast in your Google app or use

To use Podcasts on the web, go to Google Podcasts page. Then once the page loads, use the search and enter the name of the podcast. Click on subscribe to the podcast shows.

The process of using Google Podcast to listen is simple and fast to do. You can learn more from the Google Support Page.

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