Monster Hunt Stories Announced For Nintendo Switch

Finally, Monster hunt stories announced for Nintendo switch. Are you happy about his development? Well if you aren’t it clearly shows that you haven’t played this game before or you are not a fan of games. Personally, I have played this game and I absolutely love everything about this game. And now monster hunt stories 2 has been announced. Personally, I am so excited about this and you should too. If on the other hand, you haven’t played this game on the Nintendo Switch console, its time you do. The announcement was made by Capcom, some weeks ago. And guess what? This promises to bring more fun to the table.

Monster Hunt Stories Announced For Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunt Stories Announced For Nintendo Switch

This game as you should know is an RPG game and Nintendo switch users have every reason to be excited as the game they all love and play on other platforms will be heading to the Nintendo Switch very soon. It has already been announced, so all they (Nintendo switch users) have to do is to at least be patient as they time will soon come.

The maiden company behind the development of this game. Capcom announced some time ago, most recently about two different monster hint games. And also a sequel to their beloved monster hunter stories, the monster hunt stories 2: wings of ruin. A trailer for this game already has been released and players can access the trailer from the games main page here or they can search it up on YouTube. However, the first trailer focuses more on the story with full voice acting. The trailer released showed characters in jungle areas. Caring as usual for famous monster hunter monsters like the Rathalos and Anjanath from the monster hunt: world sequel.

The original stories as you should have known by now as a super fan have a Pokémon vibe and Stan to it. If you ever have played both games then you should know what I mean. Or it just might be that you have played Pokémon before but not any of the monster hunt games sequel. But with this new monster hunt stories, instead of hunting monsters, players get to steal eggs, hatch them, care for the baby monsters, and raising them to become friends. The monsters then, in turn, battle or fight along with you in turn-based combat. On this new monster hunt story announced, players can also ride on their monster friends. This game however begins when the monster Rathalos disappears. And it’s down to the descendants (game players) of the legendary rider Red to discover the reason for this.

Monster Hunt Stories Release Date

This game, monster hunter stories 2 for Nintendo Switch is set to launch in the summer of 2021. As at the time of this writing, there is no official release date. However, the monster hunter rise will be released or launched on March 26, 2021, and will be coming with some features we are used to and also will offer some new facelifts such as riding on a dog companion, grapple around the environment and run up cliff faces.


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