Apple Watch Series 6: Reviews, Features, Price And Availability

Looking for the best smartwatch presently in the market? If you are, then look no further than the apple watch series 6. It just might be that you have been hearing about this watch recently on the internet but due to lack of interest, you refuse to pay any form of interest. Maybe you were of the mindset that this very smartwatch does not bring anything new to the market.  But do you know that this is not entirely true? The apple watch series 6 does bring something new to the market. I mean something new like never seen before features of a smartwatch and in the course of this article all will be explained for a better understanding.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

When looking for the best smartwatch to buy, the apple watch series 6 is the closest thing to the best you can get. This wristwear has caught users in awe with its exceptional features, smooth and trouble-free performances, velvety haptics, a quick set up and a host of other cool and interesting features. The apple series watch 6 just recently launched has the ability to provide users with the ultimate user experience and this is one of the reasons why it owns almost half the market when it comes to smartwatches if not half.

The newly launched apple series 6 watch will have a physical look similar to what e have been seeing when it comes to other apple watch models with its spherical design and all. some users might actually think that the watch may not be all that different from the previous version of the apple watch 5. But with some of the features that will be explained in a bit, you will get to find out that there is actually more to this watch than what meets the eyes. With a growing emphasis on personal health across the globe, this watch comes with a lot of really col health features that are worth experimenting with.

Apple Watch Series 6 Features

This very watch has been making the rounds and making the noise on the internet due to its features. And just as I promised, in this aspect of this article, I will be sharing with you some of the features worth taking note of. In terms of look, the apple watch 6 will be bringing something we all have seen before with previous models of Apple watches. But however, there are some notable new features that will be coming with the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring

This watch comes with a blood oxygen monitoring feature as it provides blood oxygen sensors. These sensors can help measure the oxygen saturation level of your blood. This monitoring feature on this smartwatch will let users know of their blood oxygen concentrations with 15-second on-demand readings as a form of pulse oximetry. This feature also offers background checks. According to the company, apple, a measurement of 95% – 100% is considered ideal.

This, therefore, means that with this smartwatch you get to know if your blood oxygen levels are normal and you have nothing to worry about. If on the other hand, you need to be worried this feature on this smartwatch will let you know. And as they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Although, Apple is not the first company to integrate this feature into a smartwatch. The readings however of the feature on apple’s own product is the best accurate in the market right now.

Sleep Tracking

While some persons may find sleep easy to come and also maintain a regular sleep schedule. Some persons on the other hand are struggling with it. This may be due to busy and hectic schedules. But no matter how busy you are, you shouldn’t let it affect your health. And a better way to ensure our health is to make sure we have a lot of rest time as possible. In other words, sleep when you have to.

With the apple watch 6 series setting sleep goals and a bedtime routine will no longer be an issue. Due to the coronavirus pandemic where everyone is being made to stay in their respective homes, keeping up with our sleep routines has become an issue. But with the help of this smartwatch sleep feature, this can easily be corrected. Other features of this watch that we are already familiar with are safety, fitness, and connectivity features.

Apple Watch Series 6 Battery Life

One thing that remained the same with tie apple watch series 6 is the battery life. There is no improvement with this model. It has the same 18-hour battery life as the apple watch series 5, series 4, and 3 before it. However, there is one positive with the battery life of this smartwatch. You can get it charged to full capacity in 90 minutes. This is the closest thing to an upgrade to the battery life of this smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 6 Price And Availability

The apple watch series 6 is already available for purchase across various platforms all over the globe. You can easily purchase it from most online marketplace such as amazon. You can also get this smart watch from the apple store. This watch will start at $399 for the GPS only model. For the GPS plus cellular variation model, pricing will start from $499. The larger version on the other hand will start at $429. To get a full pricelist of the apple watch series 6 and to also purchase, go to Apple Store. However you should note that the watch will not ship with the regular power adaptor as it used to. This is part of the company’s aim to abide to its new sustainability initiatives.



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