Stephen Akintayo Foundation (SAF) Business Grants 2024 ($5,000 US dollars up for grabs) – APPLY NOW

Applications are now open for Stephen Akintayo Foundation Business Grants 2024 also referred to as the SAF grant. Pitch your ideas to leverage up to a $5,000 U.S. dollar grant for your business growth, and expansion. The mission of the Stephen Akintayo Foundation is to use education to positively impact Africa’s future.

Stephen Akintayo Foundation (SAF) Business Grants 2024
Stephen Akintayo Foundation (SAF) Business Grants 2024

The foundation strongly believes that education is the engine of progress, enabling people to take control of their lives and advance our continent. Hence, the foundation is dedicated to developing creative minds, encouraging innovation, and laying the foundation for a better future through this business grant.

Previously, only Africans living in Africa were sponsored by the SAF grant. But in 2024, a bigger effect will be made, as the grant will benefit Africans both within and outside of the continent, covering up to nine (9) countries on four (4) continents.

Financial Benefits of Stephen Akintayo Foundation Business Grants

Stephen Akintayo Foundation will reward winners with a grant of 5,000 US dollars.

Eligibility Criteria for Stephen Akintayo Foundation Business Grants

To be eligible for the Stephen Akintayo Foundation Business Grants, Applicants must meet the requirements below:

  • The applicant’s business must be technology and SDG-driven.
  • Applicants must hail from the following countries:
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Dubai
  • UK and US

Documents Required for Application

  • CAC Certificate
  • Business Proposal
  • Personal Profile
  • 1-minute Video Pitch
  • Head Shot Photo
  • Personal Email Address
  • Business Email Address
  • 1-minute Video Pitch

How to Apply

Qualified Candidates Go to Stephen Akintayo Foundation on to apply

  • All the above stated documents should be submitted appropriately
  • The top 10 will be shortlisted
  • Then the shortlisted applicants will pitch their business before expert judges
  • The next stage is selection of winners by the judges based on performance.
  • For more details, please visit Stephen Akintayo website

Application Deadline

December 24, 2023.


How can I send the foundation my grant application?

Just go to the foundation’s official website and fill out the grant application to apply for the grant. Comply with the guidelines supplied and fill out the form appropriately.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the grant?

To qualify, you must be an African residing in one of the listed nations, and your business must be SDG or technology-related.

Can I apply for the award on my own as a person in need of money assistance?

No, the grant is meant especially for profitable companies or organizations. Individuals do not get grants directly from the charity.

Am I allowed to donate or volunteer for the foundation?

Yes, the foundation is open to volunteers and donors who share its enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and wish to change the world.



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