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The Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) 2024 is starting its next Fellowship Programme in February 2024. It’s supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and the Welcome Trust. SSHAP is searching for future leaders in social science who can use their knowledge to help in emergencies in a way that makes sense for the local community.

Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) 2024
Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) 2024

SSHAP’s main goal is to support emergency responses that work well, adapt to the situation, consider the local context, and use social and interdisciplinary science. The Fellows, important members of SSHAP, will work with practitioners in the same region during the Fellowship. This helps in bringing different types of experts together to share knowledge.

Fellows will also get to work closely with experts from SSHAP’s partner organizations, such as the Institute of Development StudiesAnthrologicaGulu UniversityLe Groupe D’etudes Sur Les Conflits Et La Sécurité Humaine (GEC-SH)London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineUniversity of JubaCRCF SenegalUniversity of Ibadan and the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre.

The Fellowship includes:

  1. Weekly guidance from an expert at SSHAP
  2. Specialized training (including skills like networking and communication)
  3. Opportunities to learn from others and share experiences
  4. Forums to discuss and talk about important topics
  5. Help in creating a practical guide to be published and promoted by SSHAP


To be eligible, you should:

  1. Be good at speaking, reading, and writing in Arabic
  2. Be a citizen of and currently living in a lower- or middle-income country
  3. Either be a social scientist with research experience or a public health/humanitarian response practitioner who can influence the design or rollout of humanitarian activities.

Dates and Duration

The Fellowship runs from February 19 to April 29, 2024, with activities about one day per week over 10 weeks.


Each Fellow will receive an honorarium of £1,000.

To Apply

To apply, fill out the online form:

Closing Date

7th January 2024 17:00 UTC

Applicants will be informed of the results of their applications by email by the end of January.

For more information about the program, visit SSHAP Fellowship here.



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