Rumors about iPhone 16 – Here’s Everything we Currently Know

Rumors about the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are pouring in, just weeks after Apple revealed the iPhone 15. These next-gen phones are anticipated to be available in stores by September 2024, yet there are already murmurs about a phone slated for the following year.

Rumors about iPhone 16
Rumors about iPhone 16

Rumors about iPhone 16: Here’s Everything We Currently Know

Even though it’s early, there are already rumors of a RAM boost for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will receive significant camera upgrades that could impress many. Here’s a roundup of all the information we have about next year’s iPhone 16 lineup.

Release Date for iPhone 16

The anticipated release date for the iPhone 16 is September of the following year. Following Apple’s event showcasing the next-generation handsets, the iPhones typically ship about a week or two later.

Apple has, in the past, strayed from this pattern due to reported production hindrances, such as supply chain issues. For instance, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 14 Plus were shipped in October, but they are usually unveiled sometime during the first half of September every year.

Design of iPhone 16

Let’s explore what is arguably the most crucial aspect of the iPhone’s design: the screen. The display sizes haven’t seen significant changes since the iPhone 12, but according to a reliable leaker, Unknownz21, the upper-tier iPhone 16 models will be a bit more unwieldy in your hands.


The reported display size for the iPhone 16 Pro is 6.3 inches, and for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, it’s expected to be 6.9 inches. You might be asking, “What about the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus? Will they also see an increase in screen size?” The likely answer is no. The lower-tier models are expected to have the same display sizes as their predecessors.

  • iPhone 15 screen sizes
  • iPhone 15 – 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 15 Plus – 6.7 inches
  • iPhone 15 Pro – 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – 6.7 inches
  • iPhone 16 screen sizes (rumored)
  • iPhone 16 – 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 16 Plus – 6.7 inches
  • iPhone 16 Pro – 6.3 inches
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max – 6.9 inches

Display analyst and Apple leaker Ross Young was the first to assert that the iPhone 16 Pro models will feature larger screens.

Yet, he provided slightly different numbers: 6.2 inches and 6.8 inches. What might explain the discrepancy? MacRumors suggests it’s “likely due to the difference between the actual display area and the viewable display area.

Another rumor suggests that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will maintain 60Hz refresh-rate displays. This might be disappointing, as other phones in the market typically feature at least 90Hz screens, providing a smoother, zippier, and more seamless UI navigation experience.

According to a report from MacRumors, every model in the iPhone 16 lineup will have an Action Button, extending beyond just the iPhone 15 Pro variants. The Action Button on the current-gen iPhone 15 Pro models is customizable to launch various apps and functions, such as Flashlight, Camera, Silent Mode, Voice Memo, Focus, Magnifier, Translate (anticipated in iOS 17.2), and a variety of accessibility features.

When the iPhone 16 is released, rumors suggest that Apple will enhance the functionality of the Action Button.

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