An AI Chatbot Creator Economy Has Recently Been Introduced by Quora’s Poe

An AI chatbot creator economy has recently been introduced by Quora’s Poe. Fortunately, Quora’s AI chatbot platform Poe is now compensating bot developers for their work. This includes developers who produce server bots by integrating their bots with Poe’s AI as well as those who generate “prompt bots” on Poe itself.

An AI Chatbot Creator Economy

Quora’s Poe Reportedly Introduces an AI Chatbot Creator Economy

Typically, when you hear the term “creator,” you picture someone who creates material for social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Moreover, the initiative, which went online last week, is one of the first of its type to pay people for creating AI bots.

At debut, bot developers have two options for making money. In the first case, the corporation will promptly give the bot author a portion of the revenue if the bot encourages a user to subscribe to Poe. An alternative approach has bot developers establishing a cost per message, which Quora will cover for each sent. The business claims that the latter option will open up soon.

The company claimed that Poe’s material would eventually aid in the evolution of its Q&A website Quora, in addition to providing customers with a single location to test out new AI technology. That is, Poe’s work will be shared on Quora in the event that it satisfies a sufficient level of quality, with the potential to reach the 400 million users who visit the website each month.

Quora Predicts that the Launch Will Enable AI Research Groups to Develop Bots

Quora perceives that even if they lack the means to develop an AI chatbot application themselves, this program will allow a new class of smaller businesses or AI research groups to produce bots that are accessible to the general public. However, Poe may also use something close to an affiliate program to effectively pay to enroll new users to its chatbot software.

This may enable it to more effectively compete with other AI chatbot programs, many of which are now outpacing ChatGPT in terms of revenue generated by mobile devices.

In its first month of accessibility, Poe’s mobile app saw 253,530 downloads, according to data from market research firm Apptopia. Until October 24th, it had more than 18.4 million installs. The number of active users on the app has increased to around 1.22 million every month. However, according to Apptopia’s projections, Poe is now only making a little over $250,000 in in-app purchases per month.

This is not a complete analysis of Poe’s statistics because a large number of customers might be interacting with the chatbot platform online and subscribing to its $19.99/month or $199.99/year plan instead.



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