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We will be discussing today “Download Free App Android”. The name ‘Android’ technically describes a bot, and bots are created to make work easier, our android devices are created to do quite a number of things which we can keep exploring from now till forever.

Download Free App Android

But one of the most exciting features of our android devices is that we can download a free app on our devices, and in this article, we will be looking at some of the best places to download free android apps on our devices.

Download Free App Android

There are a few places where we can download android apps for free on the internet. Keeping that in mind, one has to be very careful when it comes to downloading android apps on the internet as some of these sites may be prone to all sorts of malware.

This malware could be harmful to our devices. The following sites that you’ll be seeing later in this article have been carefully selected as the best places where you can download android apps for free on the internet.

Android App Download | Android App Downloader

These lists below are the safest platforms to download android apps for free on the internet. They include the following:

  • Google Play Store: This is considered as the safest place to download your free android apps. The Google Play Store comes by default in all android devices, all you need to do is to launch the apps and start searching for apps to download. The edge this one has over the others is that you don’t need to install the apps manually; once the app download is complete, the installation begins automatically.
  • APKPURE: This site contains as many apps that you can find on Play Store, using this site, you have the download the apk version of the app to your device storage, afterwards, you install it, the advantage this one has over the Play Store is that once you uninstall the app, the apk format will still be on your device and you can re-install it without having to download the app over again.
  • APK4Free: if you looking for where to download cracked apps, APK4FREE is your best bet; just click on the link provided to take you directly to the site to start download the cracked version of apps.
  • CNET: This site makes it easy by categorizing apps according to their functionalities; looking for game apps, music apps or any kind of app whatsoever is much easier by just browsing by category.
  • SOFTPEDIA: this is yet another choice if you don’t fancy the sites listed above. Just like the rest, apps downloaded from Softpedia will also require you to download and install to your device manually.

With these being said, it is recommended that the best place to download Android apps is from Google Play Store, the other sites as well safe,  but you should only resort to them when the apps you’re looking for is not available on Google Play Store.



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