Top Credit Union 2021: Alliant | Star One | BECU | Quorum | VyStar

On the topic “Top Credit Union 2021” Top Credit Union is a financial institution that provides traditional banking services to members. It’s easier to join a credit union now than before. CU is most times restricted to supporting underserved communities and some groups.

Top Credit Union 2020

However, there have been provisions made to allow CU to expand their fields of membership.

Moreover, with this institution’s loan that comes with lower interest rates, deposit accounts that tend to pay more interest, and banking with an emphasis on providing a more personal approach. Keep on reading to know more about the Top Credit Union 2021.

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Not like bank customers, members of the CU automatically become part owners of the financial institutions they join.

Top Credit Union 2021

To discover the top rated credit unions, check out the below.

  • Alliant
  • Star One
  • Boeing Employees
  • Quorum
  • VyStar
  • Bethpage
  • Connexus
  • Navy Federal RBFCU


Alliant Credit Union is based in Chicago. in Bankrate’s yearly analysis, Alliant CU ranks the best. To be a member you will need a token to open an account.

However, a low minimum deposit requirement, which makes its certificate accessible to more savers, and terms range from 12 months to 5years.

This union gets high marks for its digital features and mobile app, with 4.4 in the google play store and 4.7 in Apple’s App Store.

Star One

This union is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It provides free checking. You will need to deposit an amount to be able to open an account. There are no monthly service fees attach to it.

The platform also offers student and rewards checking accounts, with the latter paying higher and allowing unlimited free ATM withdrawals. Members get access to about 30,000 ATMs and online bill pay.

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BECU is short for Boeing Employees Credit Union. It is one of the largest CU in the US. Fresh members can select between a member advantage checking account that pays 4.07% APY and a regular member share checking account that earns 0.05%APY.

However, there are no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees for both accounts. Members include employees and residents throughout the state of Washington, members of select associations, and people working or living in parts of Idaho and Oregon.


Quorum CU comes with outstanding benefits to members. To become a member with few steps on their website you’re done. Then, you will start enjoying a huge network of more than 90,000 free ATMs.

It offers two accounts, Q classic and Q choice accounts options, the former being the most popular with no monthly service charge.


PENFED is short for Pentagon Federal Credit Union. The union has been a great banking option for US armed forces and employees of particular associations and government departments.

However, it has no basic checking accounts. Its access American checking account pays a little interest.


VyStar CU is one of the largest CU and mortgage lender in its region. It is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. It was basically established to support local military members and their families.

The company has expanded recently, it now has additional branches, with updated designs and advanced technology.

Best Credit Union For Bad Credit

Discover the best CU for bad credit below

  • Alliant
  • Navy Federal Union
  • FirsTech Federal
  • SchoolsFirst CU

These are some of the CU perfect for people with bad credit.

Best Credit Unions For Personal Loans

Looking for the CU that offers personal loans and have easy membership requirements- choosing the best option for the borrower? Checkout beneath

  • PenFed
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Golden 1

To qualify for CU personal loan, you must know that it has the same factors as banks to approve members for personal loans. Factors like your income, credit score, and financial background.

Best Credit Union For Car Loan

The best CU for car loans are as follows

  • Consumers CU
  • Alliant
  • Pentagon Federal CU
  • NIH Federal CU

You can join any of the above unions for car loans.

Best Credit Union For Mortgage

Here are the six best CU for mortgage

  • PenFed
  • ConneXus
  • Alliant
  • Navy Federal
  • Golden 1
  • San Diego County

Here are the best CU for VA loans, home equity products, etc. More research can be done on Google.

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