Google is About to Make Lives Easier: Say goodbye to Writing Emails

Google’s new AI is set to refine and finalize messages before sending them. Today, most of us normally have something to do that eventually requires us to spend the day writing, probably crafting an article or responding to an email. Whatever the case is, Google is about to make your life easier.

Help Me Write

Google New AI is Set to Refine and Finalize Messages Before Sending

The email service is developing a “voice typing” function that will enable users to compose messages entirely using their voice. With the assistance of AI to edit and polish their texts before sending them, according to the 9to5Google news outlet.

The “Help me write” function, which is a component of the business’ Duet AI platform and has been progressively integrated into Google Workspace in recent months as a result of the addition of this new capability.

With Duet AI picking up the pieces to turn a voice note into a formal communication, the expansion of voice composition might be an immensely helpful tool for those who want to send brief messages or replies while traveling, going to a meeting, or having an appointment.

How it Works:

  • Assuming your email message is blank, choosing “Help me write” will present you with a message suggestion.
  • The “Refine my message” menu will show up if you have already started writing and will include options like formalize, elaborate, and shorter in addition to “Write a draft,” which will take you back to the suggestion area.

Key Benefits of Using the “Help Me Write” Tool

The following are some of the benefits attached to using this “voice typing” tool to compose emails:

  • It can save you time by creating email drafts automatically.
  • Keeping track of your email templates might assist you in remaining organized.
  • It might assist you in developing your writing abilities by offering advice and criticism.
  • It might assist you in writing emails that look more professional.

AI-based “Help Me Write” tool for Gmail Would Be Coming to Both Android and iOS

The updates to “Help Me Write” in Gmail for iOS and Android have been released today. However, you have to wait and watch what happens with “voice typing” because, although its inclusion in the APK is a promising sign that Google is working on its release, it might still take some time.

In June 2023, Google announced that its AI-powered Help Me Write feature for Gmail would be making its way to iOS and Android devices to help users with email composition.



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